Gears of War Beta – Video Gameplay and Screenshots Leaked


Black Tusk, Windows and various other individuals and companies have all kept very quiet about what  Gears of War projects are being worked on.

Over the past few months they have teased us with images of the Gears of War Motion Capture, clues about the technology and features we expect to see asked us to read between the lines and discover information for ourselves.

Slowly over the past few months we pieced together a jigsaw which suggested a Gears of War remake, and likely a Gears of War project that would have similar technology to the remastered Halo series, and utilise the latest techology from Microsoft such as the Orleans actor framework technology in Windows Azure.

Today, we have received some confirmation by leaked sources that shows us that an Xbox One version of a Gears of War Beta video.

This image and the videos confirms that there is currently a Gears of War Beta. Which is being played by people who were signed up to a company called VMC

The series of images from the initial Gears of War Beta leak, all seem to detail similar versions of the same home screen, with a watermark over the screen, which we assume is the unique players code given to each beta tester in-case of such a leak of information.

The code in this instance is 0x0009000000c320 scardro

What to expect in the coming hours/days

It is likely that Black Tusk / Microsoft will unveil an announcement of some kind to address the leak of information or to give fans a bit more insight into the decisions made up until this point in time with this information. As soon as there is an announcement we will aim to put that announcement below.

The only information so far is a message on the forum about leaked video content. It states

Hi all Forum rules have been updated in regards to posting of alleged or speculative leaked content. 17. Posting of unofficial “leaked” content is not allowed on these forums. Any posts containing images, videos or links to content will be removed and infractions will be given. Discussion is acceptable as long as no leaked content is linked or embedded. Thanks.


So lets take a look and see some of this leaked Gears of War content!

UPDATE: This content has now been removed from YouTube by the user, probably under instruction of Microsoft who made the users Xbox consoles unusable as punishment for making the video and placing it in the public domain.

This video below now no longer plays. We do not intend to upload the video and we highly recommend you do not either.

Magnifying glass at the ready, here we go.

First of all, to assess what we have on our hands we need to know. Have they taken the “Gears of War 3 Engine” and added a darker Gears 1 theme to it? Or have they taken the “Gears of War 1 engine” and added skins and levels and weapons to it?

From first glance, it looks like they have taken Gears 1 and added the skins to it. But lets ask that question at the end of our findings!

The YouTube link for the main Gears of War Xbox One leaked gameplay footage can be found here this clip shows a round of gameplay, (with a lot of spawn killing lol.)

First up

This is a map entitled “Shallows” it is not called Canals, like we might have thought it would be.

The screenshot does show “PLACEHOLDER”, and the font does look very different from what we might have previously seen in a Gears game.

original image, quite dark hard to read
brightness and levels adjusted reveals “Shallows”

TDM Menu leak
This menu as shown shows us that the games are likely to be 4v4! This is good news for anyone who prefers this from the original series. This also points to a case of, this is the original gears 1 engine with different textures applied to it. The menu has had a lot more care and attention put into it than the image of the map that popped up. Reverting to the style of menu we saw in Gears 3 would be a good thing i would imagine as it was better detailed.

We can also see the return of the locust, having controversially being left out of the previous game Gears of War Judgment altogether. (what were they thinking lol)

menu for tdm gears of war xbox
Gears of War Xbox One TDM Menu

The metrics used for measuring performance of a player in the game can be seen here below.

tdm xbox one


Funnily at 46 seconds we see the problem we always saw with the canals spawn on Gears of War where you end up rolling straight into the player in front unless they roll immediately as well.

The next part of the video simply shows someone heading towards what used to be the boomshot/torque bow on Gears of War 3, which now appears to be a torque bow.

So if the same rules govern the weapon spawns as we saw in previous games expect a torque bow/boomshot rotation at this location going forwards?

Also, general stuff really, but the same game format of 15 lives on each team is shown at the top of the screen.

leaked screenshot
15 lives for each team and a torque bow boomshot rotation on canals


Downs, Bloody Melee and X to Curb Stomp Execution.

If anyone doubted the amount of blood we might see in the new Gears of War then wait until you see the amount coming out of the guy who gets the first death of this leaked Xbox One footage.

A two hit melee with the torque bow and he is down. Have a look at the screenshot to see all that blood coming out. I dont remember any blood in previous games from a melee. In Gears of War Judgment people just seemed to flop to the floor like a fish out of water.

melee down gears of war xbox one
showing that downs have returned, melee causes a rush of blood and gore and the return of x to curb stomp


Team mate DBNO (Down but not out) notifications. 

Are these the same as Gears of War 1? or are they the same as this anyway in Gears of War 3? I cant remember right now. I have a feeling they are different in Gears 3 to this but i dont know for sure.

Is this evidence that it is a Gears of War 1 engine?

gow1 dbno-leak
Gears Beta Team mate DBNO notifications


Sniper Rifle returns and is in same position

Pretty self explanatory, but it shows more evidence that we are going to see a very original feel to the Gears of War game. TDM is a new game type to the original Gears of War, but hopefully not many big surprises like new weapons and crazy eccentric additions.

sniper gears xbox one
the sniper returns to the same spot as it always was in on canals


Gears of War 1 Remake Evidence – The Handrail

Quite possible the biggest clue about this being a total Gears of War 1 remake and not a Gears of War 3 engine applied to a Gears of War 1 game..

“The handrail.”

The handrail was removed in later versions of the canals level. The inclusion of the handrail on the stairs shows us that this game is being modelled on the original Gears of War level code/data/information/map

It is significant evidence that we will have a Gears of War 1 remake on our hands.

The previous posts we have created showed how Black Tusk were recovering bits of old code from previous games and a rework has been suggested in the past.

the handrail is back, which means likely a Gears of War 1 Engine

You like Blood, Guts and Chunks? Then you ll like the New Gears of War on Xbox One

It appears as though we are going to have the bloodiest and gruesome deaths we have ever seen from a Gears of War 1 game. In contrast to Gears of War Judgment, the fast paced game style didnt allow much expression of blood and enemies just previously flopped to the floor in a pretty underwhelming fashion.

This game is going to be bloodier than the first. The evidence in this video clip and previous clip of the extreme amount of blood from a melee demonstrates this.

gears one remake leak blood
blood guts and chunks everywhere


Graphics differences between Gears of War 1 Original, and Gears of War 1 Remastered.

The differences in graphics is really quite spectacular.

I was referred to a high res clip of the Gears of War footage leak, that came from the guys Xbox One DVR, which later got removed.

original gears gnasher
the original gears of war gnasher blood splatter
Gears remastered blood
blood splatter from gnasher in the Gears of War remastered version


More screenshots found and added below.


gears main menu
looks like Gears 3 menus with 4v4
Black Tusk weapon skins! These will be rare in game i would imagine
Black Tusk weapon skins! These will be rare in game i would imagine



What we are seeing here is a lot of evidence pointing towards a Gears of War 1 Remastered game. There is very little in the way of anything “extra” being added into the game except for the gametype itself, and the menu structure.

Previous posts have shown that the matchmaking and the technology behind how we find games has been likely overhauled and will be similar in terms of Halo Waypoint and latest Microsoft Technology.

From the typical gamers point of view and perspective we are likely going to have people wondering what the differences are, and the fact that this beta is literally the same as Gears 1 means that a remaster is extremely likely.

The handrail in particular demonstrates that the code used is the same as the original Gears of War 1 Canals map. It seems that they have used the same interface as Gears 3, which is just graphical rather than too much of a coding overhaul.

This demonstrates a real good exercise by Black Tusk to re develop and re ignite the franchise for the new era of modern technology of a mass scale connected world. When Gears of War 1 was originally developed the amount of gamers and the shape of the internet was VERY different to how it is today. Mobile devices, ease of access and the amount of traffic and internet speeds have all changed rapidly.

This game is likely to be the foundations upon which other games will be added. DLC will likely be additional maps, game modes and maybe introduction of weapons at some stage as alternative game modes.

These are just my personal views based on this information but we will have to wait and see 🙂



  1. Nice screenshots…… oh wait those are mine lol anyways on a more serious note my profile and Xbox One have been banned along with 2 of my other profiles but I’ll say this one thing i kicked ass with the Torque Bow the shot through the smoke is still awesome I’m glad I still have the video but yeah in the video you can hear my wife and son playing lol I have made a new gamer tag and I am working towards buying a new X1 even though my previous one got banned I still need my X1 in my life console is still a god


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