Gears of War 4 – Brightened Images Reveal a Medieval World and COG License Plate

gears of war 4 screenshot

The Gears of War 4 gameplay from e3 shows us a very dark world where not a lot of detail can be picked out. It is only when we take a look with brightness turned up that we see the world in full.

Suddenly the buildings and archways reveal a mediaeval location full of cannons and flags of a former stronghold location.

Where is this place? Have we been here before in previous Gears of War campaigns? Or has it been mentioned in books?

Whatever its former purpose, the cars going around suggest that it might have been a chosen place to hide from the locust/enemies. However the way in which we see the enemies and derelict buildings suggests they have taken over this location and the COG are on a mission to take down this enemy.

gears of war 4 dark
Watching in full is too dark to see detail
dark gears of war ue brightened
Birghtened image reveals this medieval world featuring cannons and a flag

We can also see at a point in the video, a very interesting image that suggest that number plates are being used as recognition as a “COG”

im a cog
is this an identification license plate?

The beginning of the image features the gears omen at the begining. Are we in a world where COGs drive around in cars in the aftermath of Gears of War 3, identfiying themselves to stranded as COGs by the license plate on their car?

The best image we can create from this is below, which doesnt give us conclusive evidence on what is in between the omen and the COG. With so little information on Gears of War 4, we really are speculating here but hopefully it gives you an idea of how dedicated some of the fans are to be able to find stuff like this out and bring it to our attention!

Omen ?? COG
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