Gears of War 4 announcements coming #SOON and McFarlane Toys Gears of War 4 Action Figures


As we are in halfway through February and still waiting for announcements about Gears of War 4 from The Coalition, it makes you wonder how long we will have to wait. The first time we witnessed a Gears of War 4 gameplay/announcement was at E3 2015, which was June last year. It’s been eight months since we’ve received any new information in regards to Gears of War 4.




However, Rod Fergusson is teasing people from his tweet here with the hashtag #SOON, giving the fact that further Gears of War news won’t be long now.

Here’s a couple of #SOON gifs created by Rod Fergusson.



In other related Gears of War 4 news, McFarlane Toys are producing a line of Gears of War 4 action figures coming this Fall. They have released images of what the JD action figure looks like. Hopefully we will soon get a look of the other Gears of War 4 action figures they will produce  You can check out McFarlane’s website here: McFarlane Toys


Here are the images:




This is all good news for collectors of Gears of War merchandise out there or those who plan to start to collecting Gears of War merchandise. Hopefully as time goes by, we will receive Gears of War 4 announcements really soon. Stay tuned to the official Gears of War Twitter, Facebook and the forums for future Gears of War updates.


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