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Gears of War Tactics Gameplay

Gears of War Tactics was one of those projects which took a lot of us by suprise.

The concept of it is arguably more appealing to some than others. We saw that with Halo Wars, but those that did play the game really enjoyed it. Myself being one of those people.

Gears of War in terms of a strategic game ticks a lot of boxes. Look beyond the Gnasher battles and wall bouncing and you do encounter a very strategic game at its heart.

Players who understand this tend to be much more inclined to be on the winning team.

Simple understanding of the levels to better take down enemies, and understanding weak/strong points of specific locations on maps is key to ensuring you can outlive and outscore your opponents.


We already talked about the close relationship between the Halo technology and the Gears of War technology in a previous post. We all know about the release of Halo Wars. It didnt cause much fuss in terms of its release, but as time has gone on people have really enjoyed this game and it is one of the few successful RTS on a console to be released.

Now am I mistaken to make this assumption? Have a look at the screenshots of the Halo Wars vs Gears of War Tactics vs Spartan Assault.

They all look quite similar right?
Would we assume then that these are made by the same company/companies?

Is this down to the nature of RTS games and the similar genre of games that we see with Gears and Halo? maybe it is. But what we do know is that a company called Ensemble Studios has been in the past a very successful game studio that was responsible for creatign very good RTS games.

Games such as Halo Wars, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology.

halo wars
Halo Wars Gameplay
Gears of War Tactics Gameplay
Halo Spartan Assault Gamepla

Notice how Ensemble Studios is the consistent player throughout these, except for Spartan Assault. But this is a game released after Microsoft closed down Ensemble Studios

age of empires


Now interestingly, have a look at who has been working on the latest Spartan Assault. 343 Industries.
We saw in the previous post about the close relationship between 343 Industries and the cloud based solutions that Microsoft has spent A LOT of money developing.

spartan assault

What does this all mean?

It is only guessing work, but at this stage it could well be that Microsoft gave Epic Games, who at the time owned the Gears of War franchise, a kit to play around with the Halo Wars / Age of Empires engine that had been developed by Ensemble Studios.

Epic messed around with it, changed the lighting of the hammer of dawn to a more red colour, (the artowkr is not complete and looks a bit rushed) they changed the artwork to the artwork of the Gears of War characters/levels and tried their best to see what they could do. However, not much ever happened with it as we know.

Now that Microsoft own the franchise, they can direct with all the massive resource that they have and do exactly what they want to do with the game.

I suspect that if they are in fact giving this “kit” to Epic previously as we have mentioned with visuals, then their intent is to get a Gears of War Real-time Strategy Game in the works. As the above is evidence that they tried to make it happen previously!

Now that ensemble studios is no more, and that Microsoft own this technology they can do with it as they please. They have used it to create the new Halo Spartan Assault mobile phone game.

And we have also seen in a previous job posting that Microsoft are looking for a script writer who can

“Tell its narrative over multiple screens and devices.”

Then we have the tweet from Rodd Fergusson who says the following about the Gears of War “Projects”

So with this all in mind..


We will see a similar Gears of War game to Halo Spartan Assault on Android and App Stores

We will see 3 Gears of War games in total?
– A classic Gears console game, going back to its roots “dark”, “gritty” etc.
– A RTS Gears of War Xbox One game for the Gears of War series.
– A RTS Gears of War Mobile/Tablet game for the Gears of War series.

I suspect that the technology involved will allow a user to interlink the narrative and the gameplay in some way. This will be exciting to see what they come up with.

Interestingly Microsoft are not telling us when Windows 10 will be released, which makes me think they are waiting until after e3, and an announcement.

Follow this link to see some really interesting artwork from the Halo MMO game that got pulled. Can you notice anything about the artwork that looks similar to the Gears of War Tactics gameplay?

halo mmo
look at the icons, similar to Gears of War Tactics?

Mysterious article
There was an article that has at some point been edited, entitled
“19 games you will never play”

The article used to include Gears of war Tactics, and picked up a lot of hype across the internet on forums etc.

The article is originally from this link
and now redirects to this link

and there is no Gears of war Tactics mentioned on here. So its no longer on the list of games you will never play! But will we get to play it?

The title of the original article tells us that the Xbox One boss likes the idea of a Gears of War RTS. But where is this mentioned? Try and search and find this article. No where to be found!


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