Read Our Escalation Notes made on the Reveal!

escalation game mode

Attached to this post is a link you can read through all the notes taken from Escalation as the game happened.

They are pretty rough, if someone wants to retype them up and make more sense of them then great!

The download is simply just notes taken from the match that was played a few moments ago live on Twitch prior to the Season 2 ESL final of the eSports match between EnvyUs and Denial.


This match up featured some of the old pros back from 2008 and the early adopters of Gears of War, and the new game mode escalation is a combination mode between all the match types, and creates a lot of excitement too for the watcher!

The spectator mode in Gears of War 4 is also discussed and shown in high detail through out our notes so take a good look!

Take the screenshots by all means. If you can link to our website then great.

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Here is the download file, its a view only doc and its several pages long and absolutely crammed full of screenshots.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Edit! We decided to create a Video based on our notes we made, so you can see all the points in a quick easy video. Or… for a full analysis of the match that went down see the link above!



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