Gamespot do not include Gears of War from highly anticipated games list for e3!

gamespot e3 mess up

Gamespot produced an article today. One of those that requires you to click 21 times in order to see a list, that they could have just layed out on one page.

On this list is some good names such as the new fallout, new star wars, mario and halo of course.

However, Gears of War was not included on this list, which has caused outrage from fans of the Gears of War series and the Studio director Rod Fergusson himself!

Angry Fans Outraged!

Rod Fergusson is outraged too!

Slightly embarassing for Gamespot to publish a list and forget the game that Microsoft spent a reported $100 million acquring.

We will see a big announcement from Rod and his newly named team “The Coalition” at e3 in a matter of days.

This announcement is likely to annoy a lot of Gears of War fans, who may use gamespot as their source of gaming news and information. It will be interesting to see if there is any answer from Gamespot about their exclusion of Gears of War from this list.

Interestingly we have put together a list ourselves based on searches for the brand or the game as a basis of interest across the internet.

We can clearly see halo, mario, and star wars at the top for being massive franchises and names in the world of gaming and also movies for star wars. Street fighter is getting a lot of views somewhat suprisngly to me, kingdom hearts is very popular and so to is mass effect.

Gears of war receives in the region of 165,000 average monthly searches, higher than uncharted, which is at 135k.

In terms of online searches, Gears of War as a brand and franchise is equal to Rock Band + Mirrors Edge + Rainbow six + Shin Megami Tensei!

So take this list from Gamespot as a list by their authors and certainly not a list that would get full support from the general population.

What do they dislike about Gears of War that they like about some of these other lesser knowns?

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