Game Informer Cover Reveal Tuesday – Gears of War 4?


This was announced yesterday that Game Informer on their next cover issue, it may contain information regarding Gears of War 4! The long wait for Gears of War 4 announcements may be over soon! However, Game Informer released a pixelated image so to keep people not finding what it they are covering so easy. Here is the image Game Informer used on their latest tweet, which I’ll post below as well so you can take a look at the tweet too:


Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 09.40.48


As you can see, it really looks like it’s similar to Gears of War 4 judging by some of the lighter are. Click on the tweet to be taken to it so you can see personally for yourself. Be sure to follow Game Informer (@gameinformer) if you haven’t already.





The two pictures shown as before is the one displayed in Game Informer’s tweet and the other is a deciphering of the original picture, determining what it can turn out to be. Without looking at the deciphered picture, you can make out small details; such as the bottom right corner, which looks ideal for the “Gears of War 4” title, including the Crimson Omen.





Next two pictures are possibilities what the actual picture Game Informer used could turn out to be. It may also be the image of the Pouncer I’ve used at the start of this article. As far as we know, it can be another picture or even an entirely new image we may not even know about. This is all purely speculation at this point and hopefully more information will be revealed from Game Informer possibly today and tomorrow.


If it is Gears of War 4, it may be information we already know so please don’t be disappointed. We’re so close now to be receiving Gears of War 4 announcements. I can feel it. However, if it’s all completely new information we’ve been needing for, all of which will be covered right here on GoWPortal.


Keep a lookout for Game Informer on their website and official Twitter account for more details to come about their next cover issue.


Game Informer website:

Game Informer official Twitter: @gameinformer


As always, keep following all the Gears of War official social media accounts for more updates to come.


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