First Game-play from “Gears 4” shown at E3 2015


Like most of the Fanatic Gearheads out there, I sat at home watching E3 patiently frothing at the mouth, waiting for my next fix from Rod Fergusson and the rest of The Coalition.
Sitting through many amazing looking game reveals, none could satisfy me until the stage went red and the familiar music started to play.

Oh Marcus, I’ve missed you

Rod appeared and announced the Ultimate Edition, a Gears of War 1 Remake, enhanced and adjusted to suit the power of the Xbox One. The Beta was mentioned and the crowd went wild. He was all very blasé about it and then… Something little he is working on.

It’s happening! What are your views on these new creatures? Are they Locust? Are they ALIENS? Who are JD & Kait. Exciting times ahead!

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