My Feedback and Helpful Tips for the Gears of War 4 Beta


Hey everyone,


I thought I would like to take the time and provide some feedback in regards to the Gears of War 4 Beta. After playing it from Saturday (I obtained a Family and Friends early access code) and putting in enormous amounts of time into it, I’ve come up what needs to be looked at and improved before release. Please take the time to read this and let me know if you have similar thoughts to what I have:




Lancer – With or without actives, this weapon is too strong and can sometimes out-match the Gnasher in CQC situations. Stopping power is minimal, which is a great as opposed to the Gears 3 Lancer. The 50 clip mag is perfect and doesn’t need interfering with whatsoever.


Gnasher – Again like the Lancer, the Gnasher is still a bit strong. Gib range needs to be lowered as it’s easy to gib people about 10-15 feet away. Hit detection couldn’t be better.


Hammerburst – As this is a burst-fire rifle, it needs to be stronger than the Lancer as it makes logical sense that burst-fire rifles have more damage than full-auto rifles. It’s considerably weak, which is one reason I used it very little during my time in the Beta. Take the weapon value of the Hammerburst from Gears UE and this will be a pefect weapon.


Snub Pistol – This is too weak, even at close and long range. At times, I was putting in more than one full clip into enemies and they were still standing. It needs more damage so it’s more useful as a side arm to fire across the map or when grabbing a meat-shield.


Frag Grenades – I don’t mind that frags don’t chain explosions but for more strategic use of frags, I feel they should. The blast radius is somewhat large but it’s not as massive as it was in Gears 3, which is a plus. I don’t mind frag plants as they can be seen via Tac-Com so it’s a matter of players using their Tac-Com more to look for frags planted.


Dropshot – I love the whole concept of this weapon but I feel the blast radius of this is too wide. Yhe travel time when hovering is too quick and it can be near impossible to escape at times. Personally, it needs only two mines. It’s as powerful as a Boomshot which has two shots as well.


Boomshot – This is too strong and needs to be toned down. It’s near to the weapon value of the Gears 3 Boomshot, which I didn’t particularly enjoy at all.


Torque Bow – This weapon probably needs more fixes than any other weapon in the Beta. It’s too quiet when charging it up, the sticking sound it makes when stuck to someone is barely heard and the blast radius is incredibly small. The reticle is near impossible to see at range and it can shoot randomly on occasion while charging.


Longshot – I don’t think this feels good enough as a power weapon to utilise. In most rounds, people hardly pick it up and when they do, it’s rare to see players get kills with it. This could have two weapon spawns on some maps to improve its usefulness. But I feel it needs collateral damage when under the effects of an active reload.


Boltok Pistol – Very little I picked this up but I can remember it does have a certain amount of recoil when firing. I don’t think it has enough damage with or without actives so it certainly needs a buff.


Gameplay, Graphics and Display


Audio – Everything ranging from footsteps to character quotes is too quiet, especially the Swarm. The Locust had loud cannibalistic noises whereas the Swarm don’t sound very menacing at all. Frag tags should have a louder planting sound as it’s too quiet. And I’m also hearing other players reload/swap weapons from a distance and half the time, I think they’re right next to me. All of this needs to be addressed so it helps players listening out for the enemy.


Close Cover Combat (CCC) – The new cover-based features for Gears 4 are brilliant and definitely make battles a lot more interesting. But as I never had the chance to counter “Yank” tactic, I feel the duration to be able to counter this needs to be extended. It’s literally only a split second you can do it and I never had any button inputs come up if I’m about to be grabbed.


Executions – The Swarm do need the Arm Rip execution or an alternative than the punching execution the COG/Outsiders have. I loved the Dropshot execution and I would like to see new executions for current weapons too. Maybe have two variants of executions for each weapon?


Active Reloads – The cooldown effect is a brand-new mechanic for Gears, which works out nicely. But it needs to apply to power weapons as players can active say, a Boomshot as much as they desire without no risk. For power weapons, a ‘cooldown’ of 15 seconds is needed to ensure there’s enough risk and deciding when to active reload a power weapon with a full clip.


For a more consistent and balanced game, I would prefer damage bonus to be removed. We are in this point of gaming where consistency is key for more success for the game’s future. The faster reloads alone is enough of a reward when achieving an active reload. Alternatively, I could suggest other effects instead of damage bonus such as tighter crosshairs, lessened recoil and faster rate of fire.


Ranking System – I like the whole concept of Bronze – Diamond, which is something Gears has been needing for years. However, it’s not designed for individual skill at this stage. Other stats such as K/D, how much damage taken, capturing objectives and other-based factors need to come in effect.


In-Game, UI and visuals – The text on the kill feed is too small and it’s very to tell if you got a kill or not. Also when earning ribbons, it shows repeats of ribbons you got at least once which is not necessary. It needs to show counts of each individual ribbon you have earned.


AIs – Better developed how they were in Gears 3/J. I still feel they can be programmed to be even harder and even incorporate player skills such as wall-bouncing.


Everything else I missed that should be covered in the Gameplay section of this post is perfect and doesn’t need to be adjusted with at all.


My Tips to help you become a better Gears player:


1. Remember you have two primary weapons to start with. Utilise them both for appropriate situations. For example, use your Lancer/Hammerburst for mid-long range crossing and your Gnasher for CQC fights.

2. Power weapons are scattered around the map. Pick them up to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents! Try them all out and decide which one is your favourite to go for.

3. You also have a Snub pistol to start with too! If you have nothing else to shoot across the map for, use your pistol! Anything counts as support for your team-mates!

4. Use the new active reload system to better your chances! You can now reload a full mag to active it for more damage and dealing more pain! Be wary of the cooldown! It varies on each weapon so you can’t active reload for a small period of time!

5. Spotting the enemies helps too! Aim at them and press on the left analog stick while aiming to “Spot” them. They will be visible behind walls for a few seconds when using Tac-Com (Press LB to activate Tac-Com).

6. As Gears 4 is a cover-based shooter, use wall-bouncing and wall-cancel for more maneuverability and making the enemy harder to hit you. Watch a video below this section to see how wall-bouncing is done.

7. Do not enter fights where you are outnumbered, especially if you are in a bad position. Pull back and find a better spot to take them all out. There is absolutely no shame retreating at all.

8. Even your smoke grenade can come in handy to confuse the enemy or escaping safely. Or maybe if you get close enough, you can tag them with a smoke grenade to down enemies, saving precious ammo.

9. Tac-Com is an ability all players have to find their team-mates. Remember to use it frequently to keep track of your team-mates or teaming up with them against enemies to increase your chances of wiping them out.

10. Gears does take in form of an arena shooter so don’t stay in one spot for too long. There’s great chance the other team will take other paths to flank you. Check your surroundings at all times!

11. Play the game as often as you can! Gears of War is one shooter that isn’t easily mastered. Take time into improving areas you are not as strong in and you will be better!


Watch the videos below by SASxSH4DOWZ to have a clear understanding of all the weapons in the Gears 4 Beta and how to perform wall-bouncing and wall-cancelling. Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed watching the videos and subscribe to his channel for more Gears of War 4 videos on the way!


*All credit of the videos go to SASxSH4DOWZ*









Got any more helpful you can share to help newcomers in Gears? Please reach out to me by posting in this thread, contacting on Twitter or Xbox Live. I’ll love to hear your suggestions!



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