e3 Gears of War Predictions: Tune into Gears of War

Watching Gears of War or Playing Gears of War?

This may come out of the blue for a few of you readers, but there is a good reason to believe that e3 may reveal not just a Gears of War reveal that we all know to expect, but a new technology that will push Gears of War as a franchise to appeal to more than just gamers.

A TV series is not unheard of for a gaming franchise. Halo are developing one, and we already spoke about the close relationship of 343 industries, Microsoft and the use of technology, which is all borrowed from one another and “The Coalition/Black Tusk” have confirmed they have been using.

We have also covered the Platform argument, where it is apparent that the “Microsoft Entertainment Platform” is building a “Cloud TV” platform for Xbox.

You can see news about the Cloud TV stuff here. However, its strange that noone is talking about this, and it is potentially the biggest technological change in how we define TV that could happen to us this decade. Its something called xTV and Microsoft are developing their own similar service.

See the relationship between XTV and Microsoft

Importantly is this slide here.


We already know that Azure is something that Microsoft see’s as there pioneering technology, and its something they have implemented into their technology for the new Gears of War. This will enable the console to perform much better than what is just in the consumers Xbox console and be able to tap into the Microsoft “supercomputer” to process tasks.

We know that the strategic direction for the IP Gears of War

“our objective is to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices”

So technology wise
Gears of War = Azure + Oreleans + xTV type technology

The combination of these technologies is going to be simply incredible in its potential.

Azure and Orleans are two components of the technology. Azure being a big cloud system that enables you to handle data and get better performance from the Xbox console by tapping into the “Super Computer” from Microsoft to handle processes.

Orleans being an actor based logic that enables you to latch on to events or actors that are happening within a system. In the case of a game, it could be someone entering the lobby, someone killing someone, someone picking up a weapon.

One example of this technology could be something like this: That you will , on any device that holds Windows 10, be able to tune into Gears of War matches, live. As if you were a spectator and go around on ghost cam in a real time envrionment on your app and spy on your friends and see what they are doing or, you can watch the action from their perspective. Just like you could in a real game.

I truly believe this is as much an announcement for Gears of War as it is for Microsoft in some ways. As pushing the limits of the IP and changing how we use TV on its head.

If all of this is true, maybe this is a bit of a “way-out there” prediction, then this is one step that I think will change household dynamics A LOT!

You want more reason to believe this is real?
Ok, how about this..

This is a job listing from Microsoft for a products director
home-video-distribution-geagears of war home video

This is for a products director. So this confirms that there will be video content that you can purchase that is distributed digitally..

Does this mean a Gears of War TV series? Again, look at the focus on “entertainment at Microsoft” and Gears of War to the next level could easily mean lots of things, but TV could indeed be one of them.

Will you be watching Gears of War, or playing Gears of War? and how will xTV type technology change how we use TVs in the future?



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