Gears of War 4 Controller Mods Starting to make an Appearance.


It has recently been discovered and shared around the community about adverts showing modded controllers for Gears of War 4.

Some of the features include: Auto-Chainsaw, “Instant Edge” (which we assume means automatically taking cover?), Perfect Active Reload (because getting these is so difficult). The final mod shows us as Auto-Mark, which is probably the biggest advantage anyone could gain from this mod if it were exactly as it sounds.

Knowing where enemies are at all times is probably the hardest thing to communicate in the game to your team. If you and your team can see visually on the screen at all times where the enemies are, then this is a major advantage that would see abuse and a distinct advantage for somebody.

The truth is; that people who play Gears of War 4 and the rest of the game in the series will still be able to beat you with these mods. Whether they are on console or PC or not, you simply will not beat someone with massive amounts of experience. And there are A LOT of Gears players out there who can do this.

If you believe that buying this mod will help you win at Gears of War 4 you will be sorely dissapointed. Part of the process of enjoying Gears is learning to lose, and understanding why you are not winning the battles you have during the game. Constantly improving your game and removing the mistakes and molding yourself as an evasion and Gnasher pro is not something that will come quickly, and no amount of mods can really help you here, (unless you are playing Gears of War 3!)

If you want to learn the game the correct way, then take a look at our guides and tips for Gears of War 4, and other games in the series. All of these will help you understand the bigger picture of the game; and give you a good strategy to succeed.

If you are really desperate and still think the mod is a good idea, then it might be worth asking a few questions to the company selling these.

  • Does the active reload work for each weapon? – As each weapon has a different active reload time.
  • Will this mod get me banned? – We know that Microsoft has taken cheating and abuse online very seriously in the last couple of years, handing out bans to people.
  • Will it add more satisfaction and enjoyment to your gaming? – This is the biggest question for me; because it is a game after all and the reason we play it is because its fun and it makes our brains work hard. But if you have a mod then you know in the back of your mind that you are cheating, so you will never be as satisfied as someone who doesnt use a mod.

Personally having played Gears of War 1 on a 1.3mb/s connection around 10 years ago, every kill was more satisfying because I knew I was at a disadvantage. It is always fun to challenge yourself, and the only way I can personally enjoy online competitive gaming is if I know I am seeing improvements as a player. Unfortunately there is no shortcut to success in Gears.

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