Black Tusk Studios Changes to “The Coalition”

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Rod Ferguson has made an announcement today on behalf of the studio that is focusing all of its attention on the Gears of War franchise and it makes sense to change the name from Black Tusk Studios to a more Gears orientated “The Coalition”

Rod explains how the culture of the studio has changed, and how everyone is focused on the same goal and that its a team of highly skilled individuals for a common purpose.

He also explained how everyone knows if you work at 343 Studios, you are going to be working on a Halo game, and similar studios have all their focus on one franchise but they are not necessarily named after that franchise.

“Its combination of who we are as a team and what we are working on”

The game will be released with The Coalition at E3 which kicks off very soon.

Interestingly if you watch final few seconds of the video, then you can see an awesome video out-tro of the new logo revving like a chainsaw. Definitely worth taking another look if you missed it before.

This new name and the logo suggests an extremely high focus on the Gears of War franchise for the studio. Enough that they have changed their name to match the franchise, and the chainsaw revving effect only adds more weight to this.

I would imagine we will see many Gears of War titles to come in the future and the e3 reveal may show us an insight into not just one game but two, as we have posted previously in previous posts about Gears of War.

Its also interesting to see this video posted to the official Gears of War YouTube Channel. Get them on your YouTube subscription list!

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