Want a Gears of War 4 Beta Code Right Now?!


So you have all been waiting for them to arrive in your inbox?

No luck.. well here you go…

Just visit this link if you are an o2 customer in the UK. and it will send you a text, and give you your code! 😀

Simples! And a lesson in how to distribute codes efficiently in future?


did you get a code?

Give us thanks in the comments!

Need to find a friend from the UK who is on O2?

use our members list located here…


And signup to our site!

If you are in the USA or anywhere else..

Here is what i would recommend.

Go on Twitter, or a social network that gets people interacting in real time.

Twitter is ideal as people are posting stuff constantly.

You just need anyone from the UK. O2 is incredibly popular as a mobile network provider.

Just ask them.. hey are you on o2?

“Can you do an american gamer a favour? It wont cost you anything and its not a scam!”

I need you to do this offer from o2, and send me the code!


Hopefully they agree, but dont be pushy if they say no.

Try /r/BritishProblems as there are loads of brits in there.

If you are really desperate, and are happy to pay for the code,


ebay is a good shout. People are using the o2 priority thing to send codes to people for cash.


  1. Is this still an available code source it’s been 48 hours n no code I should have been on of the first but anyway may I request a code plz n thnx


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