[Discussion] Give your Thoughts on the Gears of War Beta!

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Hopefully you have been lucky enough to get a code, if not then don’t despair you should get it soon. Hopefully it wont be long.

For those who are lucky enough to have a code. Tell us below in the comments

What do you think of the Beta so far?

  • How does it compare to previous Gears games?
  • What are your favourite things, and least favourite things?
  • What would you change?
  • What is your favourite level and why?
  • What do you think of the Bountys?
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  1. I have really enjoyed the beta, although i was a little disappointed in the very first few matches as i adjusted to the game. It is a little different at first, but it does feel like Gears, and there is still a good amount of strategy required, which separates it from other shooters.

    I have to say Grenade tags have to go. They are too cheap and how many times has it been a final 4v5 moment and you get hit by a random nade tag? They are very unforgiving and if you see one you cant avoid it.

    I love that the torque bow seems to do more damage when stuck to the floor by an enemies feet. This makes it really useful for me, as i tend to find it difficult to use this weapon, and like to bounce it off walls, which makes it more dynamic as a weapon now.

    Favourite level is Dam, just because of the bright and sunny feel it gives to the game.
    I think the foundation level is a bit generic looking, and so too with the Harbour. They just feel a bit more like Halo levels to me, rather than Gears levels.

    I like that the power weapons are bigger when seen on the floor, making it easier to pick them up and find them in important situations.

    Overall, i think this beta is awesome. It would be good to see stats such as Win Losses overall and K/D etc.
    Ive always said that we should have “Average Party size” as a key metric in our stats, or a seperation of your performance based on your party size, as this ultimately makes a massive impact on your stats! 🙂

  2. Ok, this is going to come from a guy who played GoW Day 1 (E-Day, 2006) right up until GoW2 came out (played so much it split up my marriage haha) and then rocked GoW3 for as long as I could….this Beta is, average.

    The reason I say it’s just average is because the GoW feel is only half there. Normally, Gears Players can pick up the sticks and get the rust knocked off within a match, maybe two. For me, it took me a few matches just to have my eyes adjust to the roadie run bouncing and the colors that consume the maps. Don’t get me wrong, I am all good now but the fact that the movement is only “half gears” to me, slowed me down.

    Yes, wall canceling is back but with a cool down time so none of those crazy GoW3 moments seem to happen. Either way, I am more of a fan of the straight up gnasher battle with a bounce or two to gain leverage. Not super fast bouncing to where the frame rate drops because it cant keep up with the movement. This game so far is VERY FAST as compared to other Gears titles. The only time things slow down is when you are just trotting around with the drop shot looking to get that glorious headshot.

    Issues that I am having trouble with still are more then likely the same for the guys that have been playing a lot of Ultimate Edition. When the countdown timer in the “1st lobby” hits 0, I automatically hit left on the D pad and then quickly tap A to dive but the problem is, we have to wait another 10 seconds staring at the characters before battle. One plus from this is, you can switch your guns while standing there. So I have the gnasher out and ready to rock once the match begins.

    Other issue I am having is the lag time I seem to have with Gnasher shots and also the zoom with the Longshot. For the Gnasher shots, I can’t seem to get that rhythm down yet like I can in Gears past where it’s “shot, pause, shot”. For me it seems to be “Shot….pause, shot”, if that makes sense. As for the Longshot, I really enjoy the weapon without the full scope-in going. The hit-boxes for the head shots seem to be alright and the body damage is a full-red type shot but the zoom to me is slow and sluggish. When you put take your shot with the zoom on (hopefully you got the headhsot) and then you un-scope, it takes such a long time to get back to the normal view that an enemy from either the left of the right can sneak up without you knowing within that time. If they can get that un-scope time to UE’s type time, it would be perfect.

    Of course I understand this is a “true beta”, meaning this is a build that will have a ton of tuning done to it and they still are going to scale up the frame rate to meet the GoWUE look. From what we are playing now, we need to focus on the barrel shots from the gnasher/boom and also the mechanics of the wall bounce/cancel.

    All in all, if this was an “out of 10” review, I would be sitting at a 7. That does not mean I am set there no matter what. When October 11th rolls around and the game is complete, I will more then likely take that 7 and add at least 2 more to it. I always come back to Gears Games. Through Call of Duty titles, Halo, Star Wars, etc, I always find my way back to my roots in Gears. I can’t wait to set my roots down on the 4th installment.

    P.S. I am re-married (going on 6 years) and she doesn’t mind me playing Gears.

  3. Alright so I got my code two days ago played 3 rounds with no friends being able to play and finally went to the “TDM with BOTS” to get a feel for the game.

    Yesterday I played for about 3 hours with one friend, and really got a feel for the game.

    The gnasher is more powerful from farther away.

    The “update” still exist

    The torquebow can be heard when it explodes from anywhere on the map

    The pistol has been nerffed, but the boltock shots faster with and without actives

    Actives give your FULL CLIP active instead of just the reloaded bullets.

    The Snipe can be pop-shot faster off cover

    The maps have the cover spread out far as to prevent a ton of wall bouncing

    The hammerburst redicle is like the RETRO from Gears 3, and it also BURSTS like gears 1


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