Gears of War 4 Story

This page does contain SPOILERS, if you are yet to play the game and do not wish the game to be spoiled please return back to the WIKI menu! You’ve been warned!

Gears of War 4 is set 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3, where you take take the reins as JD (James Dominic) Fenix and his friends to uncover the origins and whereabouts of The Swarm!

JD Fenix along with Kait Diaz and Del Walker get into trouble with First Minister Jinn due to her accusing the outsiders of taking her people!

They go to the outsider camp and take a break. Well… After fighting wave after wave of First Minister Jinn’s robots anyway. (What? You didn’t think they’d have to earn a rest? Bah!)

In the dead of night they came. They took everyone. They took Kait’s mother.

So the gang make it there mission to find Marcus Fenix to help uncover what the new enemy is and to get. Kait’s. Mother. Back!

Upon locating Marcus Fenix they run into alittle more trouble with First Minister Jinn, but Marcus is “to old for this sh*t” and helps JD, Kait and Del uncover the new beastly enemies.

Marcus then gets taken by a Snatcher with its sole purpose, to… Well… Snatch people.

After cutting up some robots and Juvies they run into afew new… Ugly enemy’s. These are “drones”, smarter, faster and alot more deadlier then lil ol Juvies.

Once JD and the gang tear down the enemy’s they bump into a larger… UGLIER and more deadly foe. The Pouncers. These will fire quills and the POUNCE on its victims. The only way to defeat this for is to riddle it with bullets, wait for it to pounce and chainsaw/ gnasher it OR even wait until it catches your team mate of guard and pounces them, you can then take the opportunity to nudge the Pouncer and tear its chest open with your chainsaw bayonet!

The group travel underground to find Marcus Fenix. Once down there they discover some creatures that very much resemble Locust. These are called Scions. They proceed to take out the scions after fighting 3 waves of them. Including Scion Buzzkill’s, Scion Boomer’s and Scion Dropshot’s.

Upon finding Marcus we have a heartfelt moment where he appeared dead, thankfully not!

Marcus calls upon some “old friends”. We see old Baird, old Cole and old Sam! Back at it again, helping fight the good fight! “WOO!”

Baird has MASSIVE mech suits which JD and Kait take control of and tear down all that stand in their way between them and Kait’s mother!

After defeating a MASSIVE leviathan type boss they finally find Kaits mother. But it’s too late. She was hooked up to The Swarm network. Reyna and Kait said there goodbye’s. Reyna gave her family necklace to Kait. Kait then cut her down and upon doing so, killed her. It’s a very sad moment.

Kait walks to the group and runs to JD hugging him. She shows the necklace to the group.

“She wanted you to have that.” Said JD.

“It was my Grandmothers. I never knew her.” Said Kait

The camera pans to the back of the necklace.

IT’S THE LOCUST SYMBOL! Meaning Queen Myrrah was Kait’s Grandmother.


To be continued…