Gametypes of Gears of War 4

There are some old classic gametypes in the new Gears of War 4 aswell as some great new ones!

New Gamemodes


The Ultimate Gears Clutch Mode

CO-OP Versus

Join other players to challenge the AI


Tactical Intensifying action and weapon placement

Classic Gamemodes

Team Deathmatch

Your team has a fixed amount of lives and with limited respawns. Make each life count and pick off mistakes by enemies.

King of the Hill

Very fast paced action, difficult game mode to master but very enjoyable and satisfying mode.


Each team has a leader who needs to be killed in order to stop the other team from spawning. Once a leader is dead the game suddenly changes pace, and team strategies are essential for transitions into protection and attacking.


Every player has one life, make it count. You can be killed from distance when you are down. This is the original Gears of War mode and a fan favourite back in Gears of War 1


Every player has one life, just like in Warzone, but you cant be killed when your down from distance and have to be executed instead. This is another original game mode which was a fan favourite from Gears of War 1  

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