How to Obtain Veteran Gear Achievement from Gears of War 2

veteran gear achievement tips
  • This guide will explain the multiple ways of getting the Veteran Gear guide on Gears of War 2.
  • This achievement is listed in our hardest 4 achievements in the Gears of War series. It really is a tough achievement, purely because it takes a very long time to be able to achieve.
  • If you take anything away from this, then please do try and have as many people on your friends list who also want this achievement to ensure you can always be working towards it.
  • Method #1 is probably your best bet, it is easy to set up and sociable. I know a guy who added 58 people on Xbox Live who needed the achievement and he set up Horde private matches on round 1 constantly until he got it!

Horde Wave 1 – Security Boosting

Method 1, is not the quickest way in the world to get Veteran Gear, but it is going to be classed as method 1 and our most recommended method because it is the easiest to setup and it is by far the safest way to do so as your xp gets added on at the end of every wave.

All you have to do is set up a private horde on insane starting on wave 1 with some buddies, complete the wave and repeat.

[checklist style=”red”]

  • Select security
  • Select insane difficulty
  • Have at least 3 other players, ideally you want 5, but 4 players is fine.
  • All choose lancer weapons, (as the clip is longer and chainsaw is highly useful in horde.)
  • At the beginning of the wave, dont worry about grenades although you can get them if you want to!
  • Set yourself up ready in this formation shown in the image below.



This formation means that the locust will spawn in the red areas only.


horde veteran gear boost
formation for veteran gear boost

On wave 1, it is really easy to kill everybody. As soon as you have finished the wave, (should take no more than 1 minute ideally!) you jump in the lasers.

You all need to do this, which is a little irritating as someone is always like ‘oh yeh sorry guys’

See how we explain this method in the video below in greater detail. I highly recommend you guys get on your mics and grind it out together, chat about sports or each talk about yourselves in turn and get to know each other.


I used to do this back when the game was released many years ago, and we would only be getting 250xp per wave! Now you get 500xp as permanent 2x XP now exists on Gears of War 2.

It will take a while to do this, but it is a very sociable way of boosting it together, and requires less concentration than KoTH boost and less organising to set it all up!

If someone wants a break then you can try and do wave 2, 3, 4, 5, which take longer but means that you can do toilet breaks or lunch times quite efficiently. But dont be that guy who disappears for hours on end getting a free ride and slowing the process down!

Good luck! If you want this achievement, and post your gamertags below in the comments if you are looking to do this.

KOTH Boosting

This is second on the list because it requires a bit more organisation! You need 10 people, or enough players who have guests, and strong stable internet connections.

To boost on KoTH all you have to do is

  •  Get 9 other players.. (easier said than done)
  • Make sure 2 hosts are from the same country
  • Search for social KoTH at the same time.
  • Find each other.
  • Jump in the ring, then out of the ring and take in turns.

Basically this method is still a grind, but its much quicker than almost every other method!

Watch the video below which is from a 22x XP event, where for demonstration purposes i went from level 1 to 100 in 10.2 hours of gameplay. I did however lose xbox live connection 2 times, which cost me over 3 hours and i was host in one of them.. so everyone lost all the xp as it doesnt get awarded until the end of the match!

Make sure you have a stable connection! Make sure you use ethernet cable opposed to wifi, as you never know when your girlfriend or mom is going to go on Facebook and mess with your connection (sorry if im generalising but this is what happened to me! haha).

Using an ethernet cable is just best practice and reduces risks or lagging out of a match or just getting booted off of Xbox live.


You should also let anyone using your internet connection that you plan to do some really important stuff on a game and that you need a stable connection to do it. Hopefully they will be understanding! If not then I would try Security Boosting on Horde.

The Lift Method on Fuel Station.

To boost this achievement you will need:

  •  6 Human players who want Veteran Gear
  • 4 Guest players – (2 Players from each team split screen with a guest account.)
  • All the DLC

You then need to find a social match with each other on guardian. Not too difficult nowadays.. the hardest part is getting a specific map ‘fuel station’!

If you have players from USA and UK, then just make sure the hosts are from the same country or it could be difficult to find each other.

Once you have found each other in a match dont quit if you get the wrong map! Just kill the leader and then everyone else on one team and get through the match as quickly as possible until you land on the right map.

This is the best way to save time. There are a lot of maps however so you could get really unlucky! but keep trying.
If you can find each other efficiently enough then you could try quitting if you land on the wrong map.

Now, once you are in a match on fuel station you will need to stay there, and you need to ensure you are on a stable connection. (ethernet over wifi, and ban mums from facebook!) Using an ethernet cable is just best practice and reduces the risk.

The way to boost is shown in this video below. You can get 2 leaders in the lift, one in each door and revive the crap outta that leader.. It would be best to make a player who wants to be idle, or a guest player the leader. You will also have to take in turns reviving the leader, maybe have 1 hour on then switch?



The other players can spawn kill the other players, its best to have 2 guests on each team then 3 people who are active on each team.

Basically this method is really awesome for 2 people. You could potentially do this by aiming to have lots of idle players. You could get 2 consoles, 4 controllers and get someone else to do the same! Then you would be able to get there in no time, but this would again take a lot to organise.

This method is last on the list because even though it is the quickest way.. it is not good for all the players involved and is not easily set up whatsoever, but is worth a mention because of its super fast speed potentially.

If you manage to get the lift method working efficiently then comment below with the details, not many people have succeeded with this method, and arguably it is quite an achievement on its own if you can manage to set it up!

This video explains how to then boost xp with one leader and a player. The player who is getting the revives will get a lot of points as he is constantly reviving the leader.

Now the cool part about this, is that you can have 2 leaders in the lift getting revived constantly. So this means 2 people would be getting a whole load of points.

What do the other players do? you may ask. Well there would be a total of 2 guests on each team, each team would have 1 other human who can go around spawn killing the two guests. Ensuring that there is a decent amount of xp going around for everyone. Guardian gives decent multiplayer bonus so go for kills and points.

Now for the Maths!
How much XP can I get doing this method?
When I played a social Guardian match. I recorded how many points I obtained and how much xp I recieved.

I obtained 2073 points in a social guardian match, and at the end I received a pretty hefty 5743 xp. Now I am not entriely sure if there is a win bonus applied here, but if there isnt then the following is true.

2073 points = 5743xp
5743/2073 = 2.770381

so 2.770381 is the multipling factor. You can apply this to the amount of points you have to see how much xp you will get.

When I was reviving in the video, I received 2908 points in 54 seconds.

So this is equal to 53.851 points per second on average.

53.851 points per second * 60 = 3231 points per minute

3231 points per minute * 60 = 193,866 points per hour

193,866 points per hour * 5 = 1,163,199 points every 5 hours.

Lets add in some xp multiplier..

per hour, 193,866 points = 537,008xp!

per 5 hours, 1,163,199 = 3,222,504xp!

This is equivalent to ranking up from 1 to 79 in 5 hours!!! 😮

The bonus of doing this is that the leaders can go off and do whatever, whilst the others are simply reviving.

You can stalemate the match as long as you want to get points. This is the fastest way to get the achievement and there is no faster way unless you want to hack/glitch which are methods that will get you banned, which we have not mentioned.

Be extra careful of that connection, especially if you are host. Everyone will lose all their progress and xp will only be added at the end of the match. So bank your points every so often to avoid being very disappointed.

You will only unlock the gold weapons on Gears 3 if you have XP from Gears of War 2. You need 6.8 million in total to get to level 100.

Keep grinding it out and you will hit that mark just like other people have done so on our videos.

Good luck boosting! If you obtain your level 100 then post in here and tell us how you did it!

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