Marketing of War – How the best Announcement from June was not made at e3

compare trends
This article is REPOSTED, it has had its date changed.

As an Internet marketing professional I thought it would be fun to see who created the most hype at e3, and who didnt do so well.

The date ranges im looking from are not just from the past few days, but instead the last 30 days. This is so we can get a good assessment of “build up” and how this effects overall “hype” or searches for a brand.

Just to explain what this info reads as. It is Google’s understanding of these titles as video games series as concepts. It will include all search terms surrounding these games, not just the brand name itself. (So this takes out part of the argument about the “harder to spell” searches are not as searched for!)

The first thing I would like to share with you guys, is where Gears of War is on the scale of other video game series.

compare trends


We can see that Metal Gear the video game series is higher than Gears for the majority of time, until the point of announcement. Interestingly these 2 lines are very closely aligned, if one goes up, the other goes up. Generally speaking.

Then we see Uncharted, which has been below Gears of War, except for the key point at the beginning of June, which was… that a release for an Uncharted on PS4 on the 9th of October

This announcement changed the hype for Uncharted series for the following week leading up to e3.

It is interesting to see that Metal Gear had a slight upturn in overall searches for the past 15 days. It seems as though their strategy has been to give the game to well known magazines to test out and give their verdict on.  Before their major announcement trailer at e3 and then articles like this appearing.. that say “everything you need to know about Metal Gear Solid 5” suggesting that there has been a ton of info thrown out there for others to collate into one article for easier consumption.

This strategy i feel is the best for maintaining a long term strategy. As you can see, although we may have experienced a lot of Hype as a Gears of War gamer, there wasnt actually that much hype, only a few days before e3, where leaks have started to appear have we seen something of note in terms of searches and overall “hype”

The problem is, if you hold all your cards back, and dont announce anything, and dont let people try it out who are in contact with the public. Then people wont know enough about it to get excited about it. Except maybe your biggest fans. It feels like it has been a massive build up for us, with very little given away.

So who were the biggest winners this month?

Well this next item is a thing of beauty. This is how marketing is done.

Lets set the scene.

Loads of gamers excited about e3, millions and millions of people.

e3 is a few days away.. what news is going on. People checking to find gaming news as the hype for gaming is just so big right now.

Then just before e3 comes along on the 4th of June, this site for a Fallout 4 coutndown appears..

Now, add the fact that Fallout is arguably a little bit bigger than Gears of War..

Fallout is bigger in terms of average monthly searches

We can see that the effect of this trailer, on the 4th of June, and the following day on the 5th of June. We also saw a decent trailer too, that compared the two games with each other. It was a nice trailer and the timing of it here was the key. Just see this chart below, which includes the same video game series as the above chart. fallout wins marketing war   If we look at Fallout the game series on its own since 2004. You can see that they have had spikes before, but not to the same degree or significance as this. This is a game changed for Fallout, and they have easily eclipsed anything else seen at e3 this year with this announcement  
Nothing has come close, and its funny how the big build up to e3 has resulted in so much diluted announcements that noone can win e3 and noone can spring a suprise anymore. It is actually the days before e3 that is the best time to announce something, and although fallout 4 is clearly big, its not as a big as some announcements that have been made



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