Season 2 Finals Recap from PAX East


The Gears of War Pro League Season 2 Finals took place this past Saturday at PAX East Boston. It was an absolute mad house if you had been there in person. It was also one of the best experiences you could ever have as a Gears of War fan. It all began in the PAX Arena where ESL staff had placed out some Gears of War Thunder Clappers for al of the fans to use. After hanging out with a large group of Gears fans and simply talking eSports, it was amazing to see how many people were already aware of the style coverage I do and the amount of support it receives.

Bracket Before

The finals kicked off by bringing back last year’s stage presence, Ceaser “Ceez” Noriega, and having him spend some time before the broadcast to hype up the crowd. It was so cool to be able to see all of the ESL Staff running around with consoles in hand making sure each player was going to be able to play seamlessly. With a $60,000 prize pool on the line, the Season 2 Finals was set to be a huge event for sure! Here’s how the $60k will be split amongst this season’s teams:

Prize Pool


Before jumping into the coverage I was also wanted to announce something new that I’ll be implementing for the Finals. I will be announcing the Golden Scope Award and the Golden Grenade Award after all the match coverage. These awards will go to the player who best utilized the sniper and also to the player who best used the grenades.


Envy v DT Roster


Map 1 Clocktower

  • Round 1: DreamTeam kicked off the first round with a perfect sniper hall push. Sicamore cleaned up a down took out Toysoldier to give DT a quick 4v2 advantage. With Sicamore cleaning up another down, it was Praized left alive for EnvyUs. After falling back to his spawn, Xcells was able to get the final down while Demo came in to clean up the kill. DT was able to secure a round 1 win with ease.
  • Round 2: DT was able to secure an early sniper pickup and allow Demo to draw first blood on Soto. Franchis was able to answer back by killing a downed Sleepytime evening the teams to 3v3. Franchis also decided to take out Demo and help Envy move through DT and take a round 2 win.
  • Round 3: An early sniper pickup by Toysoldier unfortunately didn’t yield any thing, but it did allow for Envy to run through DT as they fell back down to COG spawn. With a 3v1 in favor of Envy, Sleepytime fell to a boomshot by Soto giving Envy a round 3 win.
  • Round 4: A huge battle began top center as Envy and DT seemed to be trading off downs. Toysoldier was able to draw first blood by taking out Sleepytime. It gave Envy the push they needed as the cleaned up the remaining downs to take a round 4 win.
  • Round 5: Franchis kicked off the round some beautiful pistol work and a headshot to boot. After the inital first blood, it was a 15 second window before Envy took a round 5 win to give them map.

Envy v DT Map 1

Map 2 War Machine

  • Round 1: Sleepytime kicked off round 1 with a beautiful grendae kill that instantly gave DT an advantage. Allowing them to pick up the Torque Bow. Soto answerd with a sniper pickup and headshot on Xcells. It set the pace for Envy to take a round 1 win. Unfortunately there was connection issue that closed out the lobby so the game had to be reset.
  • Round 1(Second Play): The connection issues continued as Toysoldier went down and the lobby closed out yet again.
  • Round 1(Third Play): A slow start to this round finally turned over to a big fight at the mid boxes where Toysoldier took out Sicamore and then was quickly taken out by Demo in his effort to secure a double kill. After yet a third kill, Demo was on the hunt to take out Praized. Sleepytime took away that chance as he wrapped up the round 1 win for DT.
  • Round 2: With Envy securing the sniper push, Soto showed yet another headshot and also helped Toysoldier be able to clean up the last couple kills in a round 2 win to tie the round score.
  • Round 3: DT kicked off round 2 with two quick kills to instantly give DT a 4v2 advantage over Envy. Xcells made quick work of Soto and it left Praized alone yet again. Praized suffered the slap of Sicamore as DT took round 3.
  • Round 4: A very quick mid box kill trade off paved way for some incoming grenades on both teams. With both teams dropped to two players each, Soto was able to handle a 1v1 against Xcells and Praized was able to drop Sleepytime to secure a round 4 win.
  • Round 5: Yet another huge fight took place mid box as both DT and Envy lost players. Xcells was showing dominant Lancer play as he was able to attribute two downs for his team to clean up. Praized was yet again left alone to fight for his team. Sicamore took him out to secure this round 5 win.
  • Round 6: With DT facing match point, Envy seemed to show up with a strong force of team work and take out DT with what seemed to be little effort. Envy not only took down Sleepytime, but they decided that the quad stomp was something that needed to take place.
  • Round 7: Sicamore really showed up on the mid box fight as he cleaned up a double kill on Soto and Toysoldier. With Praized left alone, AGAIN, it was a 1v4 fight that he would need some seriously big help on. Sleepytime took the liberty to clean him up and give DT their first map win.

Envy Quad Stomp on Sleepytime

Envy’s round 6 quad stomp on Sleepytime is one for the books!

Envy v DT Map 2

Map 3 Gridlock

  • Round 1: Demo wasted no time jumping right into the action with a quick pistol headshot on Toysoldier as both teams sent two people to the snipe tower for potential weapon control. EnvyUs was able to secure both the boomshot and the sniper. They weren’t able to make anything of the weapons though as Demo seemed to be kicking off a strong game and helped DT secure the round 1 win.
  • Round 2: Demo seemed to be in full blown rage mode as he displayed a beautiful quick scope on Franchis after a swarm of the snipe tower. Envy was very much off their game so far as they couldn’t seem to win their battles or make plays with power weapons in hand.
  • Round 3: Yet again this round was all about Demo making plays. Although Toysoldier had hit a body shot with the sniper, he was unfortunately unable to make anything happen for Envy has DT goes up to a 3-0 round count.
  • Round 4: Envy showed a strat change this round as the rushed three to snipe tower and only one to boomshot. It seemed to be paying off as Franchis was able to secure the sniper for Envy. Demo came in to take a perfect 1v1 against Praized, leaving Franchis in a 1v2 with the sniper still in his pocket. Demo stepped in and took him out as well to sweep map 3.

Envy v DT Map 3

Map 4 Canals

  • Round 1: With Envy suffering a quick loss on Gridlock, they showed us why they never lose on Canals. Envy showed a no sniper strat and rush DT to end this round with speed and perfect shots.
  • Round 2: Franchis kicked things off displaying his sniper skills and really helped with support as Envy pushed through DT for yet a second round.
  • Round 3: With a quick torque pickup by DT, they seamlessly rotated up to nade bridge. The round was turning into the Demo show as he utilized both grenades and the torque bow to take out members of Envy. DT was able to give themselves a 3v2 advantage and potentially take a round from Envy. With the help of Sleepytime laying down some sniper law, they took their first round win on Canals.
  • Round 4: DT decided it was their turn to run a no snipe strat as we quickly saw Envy pick theirs up. After missing a critical snipe shot, Franchis redeemed himself by taking out Sleppytime and Sicamore with two perfectly executed headshots. With Soto rushing to clean up a Franchis down, Franchis cleaned up a Soto down up top side to take them to their third round win.
  • Round 5: DT decided to slow things down this round as much as they could, allowing both teams to pick up their respective snipers. With nothing happening for the first minute, things finally picked up at the bottom of the nade bridge with DT making a much needed push. It didn’t exactly take off in their favor as Franchis was displaying dominance with his sniper. As DT pushed forward more, only Franchis and Soto were left fro Envy and they quickly fell back to their bridge and regrouped. As Sicamore was able to drop Franchis, Demo was able to drop Soto to clain a DT win.
  • Round 6: Franchis dominated Sleepytime when they both went for the sniper pick up by taking his head clean off. With Soto falling to Demo a huge 3v3 situation was about to take place on mid-bridge. Franchis taking off yet another head leaves DT with a 2v3 against them still on mid-bridge. Praized and Franchis were able to make some dual headshots together to claim round 6 and take map 2 to push us to game number five!

Envy v DT Map 4

Map 5 Mansion

  • Round 1: Praized wasted no time drawing first blood on DT’s push player Demo. Prazied went even further to drop Xcells and help out Envy with a triple stomp on Sicamore to secure the round 1 victory.
  • Round 2: Praized again making his name known as he pulls off an impossible self grenade and it actually takes out Xcells and gets downed. He is quickly picked up and launches a nade to boomshot where he chunks Sicamore. Thanks to a triple down my Soto’s pistol of doom, Envy takes round 2!
  • Round 3: With EnvyUs heating up, Toysoldier was actually the first to fall as DT seemed to be playing with more composure. Xcells makes a critical team down on Demo but redeems himself with a quality double kill to secure the DT round 3 win.
  • Round 4: Praized and Demo met early on their inside nade rush. The kill feed quickly lit up as Envy players just fell to DT leaving Praized with nades, but in a 1v3 spot. Sicmore was able to pull a flank with the boomshot and secure back to back rounds!
  • Round 5:  Both teams ran a four rush boom strat and only Envy seemed to be able to execute it. Envy swept DT clean and secured the round.
  • Round 6: Soto made a quick kill of Sicamore trying to push the boom pit and Envy began to down DT players one after the other.  It quickly came down to Xcells vs the world as he bounced his way around the pit hoping to stay alive. Praized wasn’t having it though as he downed him with ease.

Envy v DT Map 5

Denial v NTR Roster

Map 1 Gridlock

  • Round 1: After some serious trash talk from Red Icy, he was able to pick up the sniper for NTR. With the round sitting at a draw for the longest time, Kyle was able to draw first blood on Ashes. Unfortunately the connection was lost and the map would have to be reset.
  • Round 1 (Second Play): After getting the connection issues sorted out, Red Icy again made quick work to pick up the sniper, but allowed it did allow for Ashes to pick up the boomshot. Mental went off and downed two players in the sniper tower while Ashes took them out with a well placed boom. Xplosive and Denial were able to make the needed push and secure themselves a round 1 win.
  • Round 2: A monster push by Kenny and Lava at snipe tower led to Lava getting bodied but Mental was there to return the favor on Kenny with lightning a lightning fast reaction. With the sniper getting picked up by Mental, it quickly became a game of keep your head down. After both teams sitting in place for what seemed to be an eternity, after getting down under the final minute, Denial made the plays they needed to and pinned Dispensa all by his lonesome in the hammerburst tower. With only 19 seconds on the countdown, Mental came through and cleaned house to take the round 2 win for Denial.
  • Round 3: Mental again was able to pick up the sniper but quickly felt pressure and was forced to back out to half pillars. The round again, transformed into a stand off situation. Both teams held their respective posts in wait of a move to be made. The round did ended up going draw with neither teams showing any aggression.
  • Round 4: A huge difference in play style to boot off the round as both teams swarmed the snipe tower. Kenny was able to get the best of Lava again with a quick bounce but Xplosive was there to render revenge and take out Kyle before getting taken down himself. Ahes was left alone as Dispensa and Red Icy had him pinned at the cars near boom pick up. Trying his best to stay alive, Dispensa got the best of him with a body shot securing the first round win for NTR.
  • Round 5:  Denial gave NTR the sniper uncontested to start things off in a swap for the boomshot. A very quick round took place as Denial was simply winning their battles with ease. With Ashes and Mental falling to NTR, Lava and Xplosive found themselves a 2v1 situation that they knew they could take as they held both power weapons. Dispensa seemed to be dragging out his own fate. Lava was able to put up a crazy long boomshot after flushing out Dispensa and allow Xplosive to secure the round win.
  • Round 6: Lava showed no bars as he rushed snipe again. This time he was able to down Kenny before falling himself. The Denial team secure this round simply off two words: Team Play. They ran up together and executed downs and revives in perfect form. After the raw madness, Denial was left 3v1 against Dispensa, who ran away to hammerburst tower very quickly. Ashes came in to save the day and take out Dispensa with a cleanly paced boomshot, securing the map win for Denial!!

Denial v NTR Map 1

Map 2 Fuel Depot

  • Round 1: A trade off in grenade kills took place early as both teams were fighting for possession of the boomshot. Red Icy was also kind enough to his teammate Dispensa while attempting to chunk Lava. The round quickly slowed down as Mental and Xplosive were making rotations to keep options open for Mental’s sniper. Red Icy made the quick push to pick up the second boomshot and he paid with his head being taken by Mental. After losing Xplosive to a boomshot, Mental quickly rotated back to warehouse opening to wait for his shot on Kenny. Mental did miss the last second shot on Kenny as the round went to a draw.
  • Round 2: Another change in strategy for both teams as Lava missed his slide on the boomshot and was taken out by Kenny. Dispensa quickly took out any potential sniper threat from Mental as he landed a beautiful grenade. It came down to Ashes fighting his 1v4 battle and just did not have enough as NTR took the round.
  • Round 3: Lava reminds us instantly why he is so deadly with grenades as he takes out two players of NTR in an attempted back door push. Mental was able to take out Kenny with yet another perfect headshot through the depot window as Xplosive was able to secure the round win for Denial by taking out Red Icy up on helipad.
  • Round 4: Lava was able to successfully slide his boom this round as Ashes kicked things off with a grenade on Dispensa. Ashes made a huge down on Kenny to keep Lava alive, it quickly set the pace for Denial to take yet another round out from under NTR.
  • Round 5: Red Icy was able to take out Lava early on and allow for Kenny to snag the boomshot. Dispensa was kind enough to take out his teammate Red Icy with a grenade though to even out the teams. Mental took his sniper back to hangar spawn to lie in wait of any back door action. Mental made the angle he wanted as he shot from hangar spawn through a truck and took off the head of Kyle as he came creeping out the back door. Ashes, Mental, and Xplosive had the last two players on NTR pinned in the back corner of the warehouse as they kept firing off sniper rounds to keep them tucked in. Xplosive made a huge headshot on Dispensa as he hopped up on the crates opposite side of the warehouse to sneak in a sniper round. Xplosive moved in quickly to take out NTR for yet another round win, bringing them to match point.
  • Round 6: A monster change in pace from NTR showed two quick kills in the entry door as Denial was pushing the boomshot. It was brutal team work from NTR that left only Ashes alive in a 1v4. NTR was able to clean house and sweep their second round win of the map.
  • Round 7: Lava and Ashes seemed to be running house inside the boom area as they began clearing NTR players left and right. Mental was outside dealing with a flank that he seemed to have under control until Red Icy was able to drop him in a battle against the dumpster. Xplosive was not far at away though as he took out Icy to secure the second map win for Denial.

Denial v NTR Map 2

Map 3 Mansion

  • Round 1: Mental kicked this round off huge for Denial by securing a huge double kill top nades while Kyle was down in the boom pit taking out Lava. Kyle was able to take out Mental as he rotated down to boom and Xplosive went off to secure a double kill to win round 1 for Denial.
  • Round 2: Mental was able to outplay Kenny yet again top nades as he quickly picked up the first kill. Mental and Xplosive played a little tag team whilst eliminating the remaining members of NTR making this an even quicker round win than round 2.
  • Round 3: Ashes was able to kick it off for Denial by taking out Kyle at the hot tub. Denial was able to pick up the boomshot as well, giving them another round advantage. While Xplosive was able to pick up a boom kill, Ashes came through and snagged yet another kill in this round 3 win over NTR.
  • Round 4: Ashes again showing he belongs on this circuit by some grade A lancer fire to help secure the first kill of the round at boom pit. He follows it up with yet another take down on Icy and very quickly it was Lava and Metal verse a revived Icy. Icy simply could not back up his trash talk from the beginning as Denial makes quick work of securing a round 4 win to take the map.

Denial v NTR Map 3

NTR v DT Roster

Map 1 Gridlock

  • Round 1: Xcells was able to make uncontested work of picking up the sniper for NTR. Demo picked up where he left on Griclock against Envy by killing Icy and Kenny very quickly. Dispensa was able to secure a boomshot kill on Sicamore however to put DT on the board. Demo was able to make some lancer fire go his way as he rolled towards the pillars locust side to down and then execute Sicamore, securing a DT round 1 win.
  • Round 2: Sleepytime actally grabbed snipe for DT this round as they showed yet again, a very agressive snipe tower push. Demo made his first mistake thus far by taking down Xcells in a misfire, but was able to down Dispensa to make right. Unfortunately for him, he was taken out by Kenny before he could make anything of it. With it coming down to Sleepytime in a 1v3, he was able to take out Kyle with ease near the boom hall before Kenny took him down to secure the round 2 win for DT.
  • Round 3: NTR showed they are not afraid to contest at the snipe tower as they gave Red Icy the chance to show his skills this round. With DT making a late push up to snipe tower, Kyle was able to take out Demo while Red Icy got a nice little quick snipe on Xcells, taking away his sweet little head. Sicamore was able to make note for DT as he utilized his boom on Kyle, however Dispensa took out Sleepytime so it came down to a round of Sicamore 1v3. Red Icy missed his headshot by an inch or so as Sicamore rolled back towards boom hall. He wasn’t able to avoid the Kenny pistol though as Kenny showed his accuracy and took off Sicamore’s head in this round 3 win for NTR.
  • Round 4: Red Icy picked up snipe yet again in a 2v2 snipe push and seemed to be only hitting body shots as he connected four times with mid-torso hits as third was used to down Sleepytime, the fourth connected on Sicamore to down him.With Kenny putting up a double kille for NTR, it came down to Demo in a 1v3. Unfortunately for Demo, Kenny was in the zone and secured his third kill of the triple kill securing a round 4 win for NTR.
  • Round 5: Both teams rushed three players to snipe and all you could see through smoke was pistols and blood splatters. Xcells got a quick down but Kenny again shows us his pistols skills and takes out Xcells before he can make anything of his down. Dispensa, Kenny, and Red Icy made their play on the remaining members of DT as they showed a delayed snipe rush and DT paid heavily for it with a map 1 loss.

NTR V DT Map 1

Map 2 War Machine

  • Round 1: Kenny was able to secure nades for NTR and seemingly threw them too early. A delayed explosion however, led to first blood on Demo. Kyle made work of Sicamore as he took him down for the kill leaving DT down two players. Dispensa took out Sleepytime mid box and it was quickly all up to Xcells. Dispensa had other things to say about Xcells attempt at a clutch as took him out for the clean sweep round 1 win for NTR.
  • Round 2: It seemed as though all the action took place right near mid box and torque this round as Xcells was able to assist Demo with a kill on Dispensa before having Demo go down himself. The kill feed was lighting up with downs in favor of DT as to pin Red Icy back at sniper. Though Red Icy was able to take out Demo in his 1v4, Xcells shut him down with the pistol headshot, securing this round 2 win for DT.
  • Round 3: The round began slowly but quickly showed plenty of action mid box area as Sicamore was showing pistol and lancer support. Sleepytim was able to kick things off for DT by taking out Kenny with a perfect nade. With Red Icy hanging back map near sniper, he made quick work of fending off Sicamore, it did however, allow DT to snag the sniper. Xcells couldn’t handle Icy though as Icy chunked him for the round 3 win.
  • Round 4: A mid box rush showed promise on both teams as Kyle was able to take out Demo and Sicamore was able to take out Kyle to even the score. Red Icy missed the key shot with sniper to save Dispensa while Sicamore was able to remove the head of Kenny. Now with Red Icy left with a sniper, he was facing a 1v3 situation. Icy backed himself into spawn but it was far too late. Sicamore was there to say no hide and seek allowed. Round 4 goes to DT.
  • Round 5: Kyle was able to pick up a mid box down kill on Xcells but Sleepytime quickly evened the round by taking out Kenny. Demo gave DT the man advantage by taking out Dispensa, followed quickly by kills from Sicamore and Sleepytime to give DT the round 5 win.
  • Round 6: Another slow start for both teams as there seemed to be shot exchanges at all major points on the map. Kenny was finally able to draw first kill on Sicamore with a nade kill. Kyle was able to drop Xcells for NTR giving them the hope to stay alive in this match up. Demo was able to answer with a 1v1 on Red Icy, but Kenny silenced DT by taking out Sleepytime after a missed mantle hop. Kenny cleaned up Demo too helping secure a round 6 win and send us to a round number 7!
  • Round 7: Kenny threw some perfect nades to trap Sleepytime but wasn’t able to make anything of it. The blood bath began taking place near mid box/torque yet again as both teams began blasting away with their pistols. Kyle finally drew first blood on Sicamore after seeing a kill feed full of downs from both teams. After all the dust and blood finally settled, it was NTR coming out on top taking round 7 and map number 2!

NTR V DT Map 2

Map 3 Clocktower

  • Round 1: Both teams showed a strong four player high side push. As pistols rained from secondary host post, Sleepytime was able to drop the head of Kyle to get map number three off with a bang. Answering with another headshot, Dispensa took out Xcells to bring the round to a 3v3. After a small pistol standoff, DT began making their push on NTR, forcing them to collapse to back pillar and cell. Kenny pushed back and bounced his way down sniper hall before taking out a blind Demo. He then went hardcore Kenny Bounce in an attempt to survive a two player push on him before falling to Sicamore. DT claimed a much needed round 1 win.
  • Round 2: NTR showed a new style of play with a boomshot rush and some smoke cover which allowed for Xcells to pick up the sniper. Xcells was able to make work with it quickly as he fought off some fending NTR players rotating top side. NTR players began to fill the screen with downed players while Xcells and Sicamore were able to clean up the remaining downs.
  • Round 3: Demo showed a huge flank on NTR and caught them completely off guard at the back of their sniper pillar. He was able to take out Kenny ,Red Icy, and Dispensa to give his team the advantage very qucikly. Now while he took the last kill from a downed player, Demo went absolutely huge this round to give DT their first round win this map.
  • Round 4: Another standard barries battle took place up top side, with the pickup of grenades going to NTR in a surpirse route. Demo managed to again bounce his way to another kill, but was quickly taken out by Kyle. Xcells wasn’t having it though as he dropped Kyle and watched Kenny kill his teammate Red Icy with a rogue grenade. Kenny showed his apologie through a Kenny Bounce kill on Sicamore and was left stunned after a melee from Xcells. In this case, B Button Xcells takes the round 4 win and first map win for DT.

NTR V DT Map 3

Map 4 Canals

  • Round 1: A duel team sniper pick up is always a good start to a Canals round. DT showed a two player high side bridge rush that was met by a waiting NTR. With Sicamore going down, Xcells made a very agressive push that rewarded him by being taken down. Demo was able to take out Kenny with ease, but the remaider of NTR was filling the kill feed and group rushing to his location. They met Demo on the nade bridge and it wasn’t long before Kyle took him out to secure a round 1 win for NTR.
  • Round 2: Demo kicks things off for DT again by taking out Red Icy this time, but Kenny was able to get the revenge on him, evening the player count. Kenny even snags a second kill on Sicamore before Kyle takes out Xcells on the back side of the bridge. The shotties of Kenny and Kyle made quick work of this round 2 win for NTR.
  • Round 3: An aggressive, no snipe push from DT showed a much better play style as the were able to draw first blood Red Icy. This round was the Demo and Sicamore show as they were trading downs and kills as they pushed bottom platform and ran through NTR in a round 3 win.
  • Round 4: Why change what’s broke? DT showed no sniper pick up again as they instantly began the rush! They were not able to capatilize on it, but they were closer to forcing a mistake on NTR by calling that play. After pushing up to the NTR snipe bridge, a pistol cross took out Kyle very quickly. Kenny went off and was able to push back against Sicamore and Sleepytime though! While Kenny was able to go through Demo as well, he just couldn’t forsee the blind side kill of Xcells to secure the round 4 win.
  • Round 5: Demo was able to secure the torque bow while getting full red damage. He was able to stick Kenny with a torque arrow as Kyle pushed up for a kill on Sleepytime.  Demo snags another torque on Dispensa while Sicamore is back ande bridge dowing player after player. Red Icy finally snags the chunk on Demo but Sicamore is there to end the reign. Xcells cleans up the last kill and round 5 goes to DT.
  • Round 6: With DT on their match point, Xcells made the push from backside nade bridge and took out Dispensa. The fight moved to low nade bridge and the kills began swapping after a no snipe pickup from NTR, giving them that extra man advantage. It was all up to Xcells in a 1v2 now to secure the map win. Kenny attempted a 1v1 fight but slowed it down quickly after taking a strong shot. Red Icy was waiting mid bridge with a sniper in his hand before moving over to assist Kenny high side. Red Icy cleaned up Xcells to take this game to a round 7!
  • Round 7: Neither team wanted snipe this round as they wanted that extra man in the bridge fight battle. Kyle and Red Icy made a huge play for NTR securing the bridge. With Sicamore being left in a 1v3 against NTR, Kenny shut him down to take the round 7 win and map number four!

NTR V DT Map 4

Envy v Denial Roster

Map 1 Mansion

  • Round 1: Lava kicks off our Grand Finals match by taking out Soto very quickly. Franchis and Toysoldier made easy work down at boom pit as Denial players was falling quickly. With a double kill by Praized, it was all up to Mental as he rotated in to the house and moved upstairs. Toysoldier was waiting with his boomshot to take out Mental and secure the round 1 win.
  • Round 2: Ashes put out a huge body chunk on Toysoldier as both teams ran a hard boom push. Xplosive paved the way for Lava to grab boom as Ashes and Mental fell to Envy. With Praized taking out Soto with a nade, Lava opened fire on Praized with the boomshot to secure a round 2 win.
  • Round 3: Xplosive draws first blood on Toysoldier with a beautiful headshot. The kill feed was quickly filling up with downs as both teams were swapping them back and fourth. Xplosive was able to secure a pick up on the boomshot but accidentally killed himself in addition to Franchis. With Soto and Praized cleaning up some downed players, Mental pushed a 1v1 on Praized but couldn’t come out on top. Envy takes the round 3 win.
  • Round 4: A costly start to round 4 as Praized downs Soto near boom pit and Lava cleans up his mistake. Mental gets a huge chunk on Franchis as Lava falls to Praized. Toysoldier takes out Ashes and Xplosive in a perfect bouncing double kill. Mental denies the triple kill but gets downed by a Praized boomshot. Envy takes round 4 and is facing match point.
  • Round 5: Lava switched things up and ran low nades this time and made quick work of taking out Soto but quickly was downed by a flanking Toysoldier. Mental and Xplosive made some great team work as they began downing and cleaning up kills on Envy. The round came down to Praized left in a 1v3. He retreated back inside and awaited the rush from Denial. He had nades sitting in his back pocket while Denial had a full boomshot in waiting. As they forced him to fall back and retreat to spawn. Mental was there to clean him though as he claimed a crucial round 5 win for Denial.
  • Round 6: Denial had a very aggressive four man push on boom pit too allow a boomshot pickup in their favor. By doing so though, they did lose the nades to Envy. Praized brought the hammer to Ashes as he took him out. A Lava/Menal combo brought down Toysolider with ease as quickly lost his head afterwards. Lava rotated back up to nades and was able to one shot Soto before having to rotate inside for his 1v2 ahead. He quickly picked up snipe and began moving towards the backside stairs. With Praized in hot pursuit, Lava fell to the attack of Envy. Envy takes map 1 with this round 6 win.

Envy v Denial Map 1

Map 2 Canals

  • Round 1: With both snipers getting picked up, Mental and Franchis would have the chance to show their skills. Franchis quickly displayed his with a headshot on Mental as he was sliding to cover. Praized was able to take advantage of a lone Ashes on mid bridge and then also takes out a flanking Lava. Xplosive pushed a 1v4 against Franchis, but wasn’t able to come up with the kill.
  • Round 2: A very slow start to the round has both teams sat high side to await a first push. Soto made the first move as he grabbed nades. Lava finally draws some first blood for Denial by taking out Toysoldier with a solid body chunk but Franchis snags an easy headshot on an in cover Ashes down on the low platform. The teams rotate to low platform as Lava again gets a chunk but on Soto. With Mental moving down the sniper bridge for assistance, he was slightly late as Franchis takes of Lava’s head with yet another snipe shot. Denial finally got the advantage they needed as the round goes 1v2 in favor of them. Xplosive came rushing in and made quick work of Franchis, giving Denial the round 2 win.
  • Round 3: Denial kicked off round 3 without picking up a sniper and making a push for nades. Although Ashes fell early to Toysolider, Mental was able to take out Soto and even the player count. Lava shows his nade dominance yet again by taking out Praized. Frnachis was out of options as he was all that was left for Envy now. While Franchis was able to body Mental, Xplosive put in the needed shots to get him down. Denial takes the lead with a round 3 win!
  • Round 4: Envy showed a huge water platform push this round and was able to solo out the waiting Ashes. Soto and Praized continued to push and take out Mental. Lava was quick to snag nades and launch one although it didn’t connect. Franchis made some power plays and took out Xplosive and Lava to secure the round 4 win for Envy.
  • Round 5: Lava made his standard mid bridge push as Franchis was there to down him with another snipe shot. Praized picked up the down on Lava quickly and then moved on to plow Xplosive. Toy made quick work of Ashes and quickly left the round to Mental. Mental bounced through Soto and gave himself a 1v3. He takes out Toy and narrows the round to a 1v2 but the combo and Franchis and Praized was too much as Envy takes round 5.
  • Round 6: Toy rushed in for a quick torque pickup before rotating back to his bridge. Franchis makes another huge headshot on Xplosive. Ashes and Mental made the duel push down nade bridge and it cost Lava his life as he was left alone with Toy. Mental made a push on a stunned Toy and Toy was able to take him out just in time. With match point on the line, Ashes laid a beautiful headshot on Toy and then quickly fell to Soto, givinng Envy the map 2 win over Denial.

Envy v Denial Map 2

Map 3 Clocktower

  • Round 1: Franchis goes down twice very quickly as Denial was throwing all they had across the host barriers. Ashes takes out the wounded Franchis to kick things off! Praized shuts Ashes down with a pistol headshot to even the teams. Mental goes off with his lancer and starts downing players left and right with Lava there making an attempt to claim them. Priazed shuts him down quickly though as Xplosive comes around the corner to snag a round ending double kill. Denial takes a much needed round 1 win!
  • Round 2: Lava falls early to Toy as there seems to be a load of action taking place down low on the road. We see Xplosive pick up the sniper for the second time this event and he hangs near host spot with high hopes. After some rotation, Ashes falls to Soto on the back pillars and Xplosive falls as he rushes to aid his team. Mental was facing a 1v3 but was silenced quickly by Praized.
  • Round 3: Envy pushes low and hard to start round 3. Luckily, Mental see the push and calls it out to his team. With Lava picking up snipe, Denial made a quick rotation to head down low and snag boomshot as well. Denial began pushing their top side now that they have the power weapons and Ashes kicks off the first kill on Franchis. Toy went huge for Envy as he snagged a double kill while on the stairs. Soto takes out Ashes and leaves Mental all by his lonesome. Envy actually fell back from Mental and picked up the snipe and began rotating to boom. As Mental turned the corner to follow them though, his head was taken by Toy, giving Envy the round 3 win.
  • Round 4: Toy again kicked off a headshot round on Lava as Denial seemingly made a few mistakes with the rush this round. The round came down to Ashes in lightning fast form. Franchis didn’t allow him the time of day and took him out for the round 4 win.
  • Round 5: With Toy making so many plays for Envy this map, he changed it up and rushed nades this round. With Envy sending two top and two bottom, a nade from Toy really spread out the retreating Denial squad. With Mental falling to Franchis after a nade stun, Xplosive capitalized on Franchis to even it out. Lava grabbed team kill on Xplosive but it was made right with Toy grabbing his own team kill on Soto. Lava slides Toy right up the stairs to take him out and Ashes grabs the final kill in what was a lost round for Denial giving them the round 5 win!
  • Round 6: With endless pistol fire downing both Lava and Mental two times each, Xplosive made a back pillar push to take out Soto and ease a little pressure for his team. It did cost him though as Toy was there to take him out. With Denial making the last stitch effort to push snipe hall, Toy and crew was just to strong as Envy takes round 6 and map number 3!

Envy v Denial Map 3

Lava Closeup

A very focused Lava looking to rally his team for a comeback!

Map 4 Fuel Depot

  • Round 1: Envy showed a monster rush and they sent a player directly to COG sniper to try and stop Mental. They were unable to make anything happen and did a good job of pulling back before losing any players. Toy laid in wait at boomshot but Lava embarrassed him as he ran through. A beautiful recovery and team play in boom led them to spreading out Envy and being able to pick up the easy 1v1 plays. Round 1 goes to Denial with a clean sweep!
  • Round 2: Franchis had a round starting headshot on Mental with the pistol, but it did allow for an easy boom slide for Lava. Lava quickly took out Praized and began rotating out the front door. Toy made work of a lone Ashes and then picked up a kill on Xplosive to leave Lava on his own. While Lava picked up a kill on Franchis, he then rushed back across the helipad towards nades. Soto picked up the second boom spawn and began to collapse on Lava. Lava fell back to hangar for the desperation standoff. Soto ran in quick with the boom though took him out to claim the round 2 win.
  • Round 3: Franchis picks up nades for his team and rushes the front door. He tosses one back corner to try and scramble Denial. It doesn’t work out the way they plan and Denial makes a huge push on boom shot. Both teams swap multiple downs on each other before Xplosive draws first blood on Franchis as he watches Ashes fall to Soto.  With Lava and Mental trying to make their shots count, it just did not work out for them. Mental takes a boot to the head to secure a round 3 win for Envy.
  • Round 4: Toy played some very defensive lancer in an attempt to prevent a front door Denial push. Although he wasn’t able to stop them, Franchis made a huge kill stopping Lava from grabbing boom. As Toy began to rush in towards boom to help his teammates, Ashes got a disgusting spin around chunk on him! Soto was there to quickly take him though and help bring Denial down to a a lone Mental in a 1v2. Mental was quick to snag the boomshot and but was forced into a suicide by the last members of Envy.
  • Round 5: This crucial round will determine if Envy claims the Season 2 Championship. A very aggressive Lava kicks things off by tossing two nades towards the front door. A mistake by not watching the boom on Denial’s end leaves Envy to snag it up quick. Envy was showing a strong defense in prep to pick up a second boom in order to close out the game. Mental seemed to be toying with the idea of falling back to hangar, but couldn’t make up his mind as to where he wanted to locate himself. Franchis was able to sneak in a snipe pickup for Envy and hopefully close this map out. With 1:00 left on the clock, you could see Envy start making some moves and coming towards the hangar posted Mental. With 0:04 seconds left, Denial goes huge and claims three quick kills on Envy. Unlucky for them, Soto posted himself as far away as possible just in case. The round ends in a draw.
  • Round 6: Lava had a seemingly perfect rush on the boomshot and even got in his slide pickup. It wasn’t enough to hold back Toy though as he dropped Lava for a quick first kill. Xplosive was there to clean up Toy as the teams dropped to three each. Mental got a gorgeous reaction shot on Franchis and Praized was able to snag a kill on Ashes to bring us down to two each. Mental and Xplosive have a boomshot to their name and begin to show some rotation on the map towards snipe so that Mental has a toy to play with as well. Patience pays off as Xplosive plants a boom at the feet of Praized. Xplosive makes the connection with his final boom on Soto to secure the round win and keep Denial alive.
  • Round 7: Toy is able to pickup boom thanks to the cover smoke of Envy. After picking up boom, Toy made a very fast push out the back door and began hunting for Denial.He quickly fell back as he didn’t like what he saw. Denial was doing a great job of holding the helipad as Envy was looking for a way to get things going. With 1:53 left on the clock, almost no action has taken place thus far. Franchis takes out Ashes with a picture perfect headshot on Ashes and toy throws a boomshot down the map for a down on Lava. Toy takes out Mental with a second boom as the gas station goes up in flames around Lava. Xplosive is the only one left to bring it home for Denial as he sits back in his 1v4. Praized was just too strong as he took Xplosive down giving Envy their first Gears Pro League Championship!!!

RyanFoolz hug

Envy v Denial Map 4

Envy post win interview

A huge congratulations to Team EnvyUs as they claim the Season 2 Championship! The boys in blue worked harder than hell this season and certainly showed they deserve this win. The Envy house may just be the secret to their success. Only time will tell as we look forward to Gears of War 4.

Trophy hoisting

Now to recap a few of the awards we are doing here at Gears Portal. The first award is going to be for the most efficient sniper. The Golden Scope Award for the Season 2 Finals goes to nV Franchis for putting up a total of 13 headshots in his 2 matches. Following in second with only 3 headshots was Denial Mental. Granted I expected this award was going to Mental without question, a huge congrats to Franchis on his performance!

Golden Scope


With the Golden Grenade award, the title really says it all. The most grenade kills and best use of grenades goes to Denial Lava with 6 kills. Following as runner up, nV Praized and DT Sleepytime tied with 3 kills each. Going into the finals, I had basically given Lava this award off the bat. His grenade play all season as been match deciding and I cannot wait to follow him as Gears of War moves forward.

Golden Grenade

A shoutout to the one player who really made a difference at the Season 2 Finals, Denial Ashes. After sitting behind Denial as a coach throughout Season 1 and most of Season 2, he was called up to the front lines on the biggest stage out there. The way he came into this tournament and stepped up to help, words cannot say how proud Denial must be of him. After losing Solurs, this could have gone so much worse for them. Thank you ESL for allowing Denial to play with Ashes on their squad. It shows that you guys actually want to help the teams with any issues they have. Kick ass job Coach!!

Coach Bump

So after putting in roughly 30 hours reviewing gameplay and stats, I’m finally wrapping this up. I changed up a couple graphics in an attempt to make you guys enjoy reading my material more. I’d love to hear your feedback below via my contacts.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Jack Felling and Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos for taking the time to introduce me to so many people while I was at the event. I will truly never forget the experience and cannot wait to attend the next one!


-Cory S.

Twitter: @xboxcory


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