Gears eSports Day 8 Recap


To start off, this is going to be a new feature that I will be adding to our site after each broadcast. As I am located in the East United States, I will attempt to have everything posted mid-Friday the latest. I will be adding more detailed play coverage as time goes on. As the viewers on this coverage grow, I’ll also be incorporating some giveaways and such. I’ll be adding screenshots from each match and the rosters to start off.

To begin the Day 8 broadcast of the Gears of War Season 2 Pro League, the standings were looking very good for Denial. As they only suffered a single loss in Season 1, could they repeat and take tonight’s match as well?

Standings Before Matches


Match 1: DreamTeam vs. ElevateGG

Match 2: EnvyUs vs. Denial


Match 3: E6 vs. StrictlyBusiness


Match 4: OrbitGG vs. Justus


Weren’t able to watch the broadcast live? Make sure you catch up before we head into next week’s matches by clicking HERE.


I would love any and all feedback on what I’m starting here. I’m going to be covering all of the Gears eSports action from here on out and I want to know what you want to see! You can comment below or use one of the contact methods besides my name!

-Cory S

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