Gears eSports Day 14 Recap


First off, I apologize for this recap coming slightly later than my last one. After splitting a wisdom tooth, it’s been a relaxin few days of laying around doing nothing while watching Netflix. Regardless, I have a much more detailed recap of each map for you now!

Elevate vs Justus

Before heading into the matches, both of these teams are not in contention for the Pro League Finals at PAX East. There is a matter of pride on the line and they also want to remind the Gears world why they were chosen for the Season 2 Pro League. Coming off such a strong fight with Denial, the eSports community has high hopes for Justus going into this matchup.

Map 1:  Mansion Going into round 3, this map seemed to already be over with both DiligentSoldier and Crushmo putting up 4 kills each and the only member of Elevate showing any kills was Strangulate with 2. We finally saw some life come to Elevate in round 4 when they swept Justus clean with some very solid boom pit play. Going into round 5, Justus was just one round away from taking this map and Ribs helped them secure that win by dominating the last 3 players of Elevate. Justus takes Map 1 with a 4-1 over Elevate.

Map 2: War Machine Round 1 kicked off with a quick win for Justus due to Crushmo coming out strong as ever and snagging 3 kills to help his team. Luckily for Elevate, in round 2 they were able to answer with a round win bringing the map score to 1-1. Elevate played to win in round 4 with Noxious putting up 3 kills in the round and with 2 of them coming off the Torque bow. After what seemed was going to be a Justus dominated matchup, quickly turned tables as Elevate came back on War Machine to show they are still in this. Elevate took map with a win of 4-1 over Justus.

Map 3: Canals Elevate came out strong in round 1 with Noxious once again grabbing 3 kills to secure his team’s round win. After a round 3 domination by Elevate, it just seems as though Justus cannot make anything happen. Considering their strategy on Mansion, we had hoped to see them bring a lot more fight to this map. Just as all hope was lost, Justus finally came back with a round 4 win by closing out a quick round to put their name on this map. Elevate seemed to be quickly falling apart as Justus took yet another round. Elevate was able to come back strong in round 6 and close out the map 4-2.

Map 4: Fuel Depot Very quickly Elevate showed their dominance with a round 1 shutout. Justus was finally able to come back in round 3 with a win with one of the most solid team based rounds by Justus yet. Round 5 was dominated by Justus even despite losing the boomshot early on. They could not be stopped as they pinned Elevate in the back corners in the map. Despite the best efforts of Justus, they simply could not hold back Elevate as they made strong team plays. Elevate took the map 4-2 and finished the matchup with a 3-1 win.

Given that both of these teams would not be advancing to the finals, it was great to see the hard work and aggressive play style between both teams. best of luck to both teams as next season will be here before you know it!

EnvyUs vs OrbitGG

As Envy has been on a streak of absolute domination, there is not much hope for Orbit going into this matchup. However, Orbit has a steady fanbase that was standing behind them. Could Orbit pull off the upset of the season?

Map 1: Canals With round 1 being dominated purely by Envy, this match was setting up to go exactly how most viewers had expected it to. After a brief standoff in round 3, Envy controlled mid-bridge and grenades. Orbit decided to make their move and it ended in them all being taken out very quickly. Orbit was able to pull off the upset in round 4 taking out all members of Envy in a very quick fashion. You could certainly tell that Envy let their pride get the best of them in this round. They had played the round as if they had already won the map and that certainly got the best of them. In the end of round 5, Envy used numbers to their advantage and just pushed right through the Orbit squad, giving them the 4-1 win on map 1.

Map 2: War Machine Both round 1 & 2 looked as though Orbit was going to be giving Envy a run on this map. With each round coming down coming down to a 1v2 situation in favor or Envy, Orbit was just unable to make anything happen in their favor. After 2 more additionally quick rounds, Envy showed pure dominance on War Machine and took the map with a solid 4-0 win over Orbit.

Map 3: Clocktower Envy jumped right into round 1 by rushing all four players right up top center and even more, they rushed Franchis around the sand bags and he pushed right into the lineup of Orbit. Orbit was quick to take the loss in round one. After a very quick sniper pickup by Envy in round two, Orbit instantly realized the need for the boomshot. Envy had already thought of that however and made them suffer for the rotation down to boom. Round three finally showed some hope for Orbit as they were ale to bring up a 2v2 situation. Although they couldn’t capitalize on it, they finally showed some hope to avoid finishing their last season match a 3-0 loss. Round four finally brought life to Orbit as they were able to take out Envy with three of their squad still alive! Could this be the life Orbit needed? Sadly no, after gaining control of both the sniper and the boomshot, Orbit still went down to Envy with a 4-1 loss on Clocktower.

With Orbit not making it into the Season 2 Finals, you have to wonder what needs to be done to make them into a better team. Given that Envy is able to practice whenever they so desire now, you have to think it has something to do with the win streak they have been on. Are they last season’s Denial? Will Envy take home the title this year? Only time will tell!


FOTN Label

Enigma6 vs DreamTeam

With only one spot left in the Season 2 Finals, both E6 and DreamTeam have the ability to take it with a win here. With both teams playing at what seems to be an average pace all season long, this is their last chance to prove that they belong in this Pro League.

Map 1: Canals Jumping right into the first round, all of the action seemed to take place right at mid-bridge where E6 was left confused. DreamTeam took the round quickly after securing a brutal 3v1 situation. After bringing round two to down under one minute left, DreamTeam had two sets of grenades in their pockets and decided to make the push. Quickly dropping three members of E6 and loses Poseidon in the process. Poseidon hung out in spawn to attempt taking on a 1v3 clutch but was only able to drop one of member of DreamTeam before being taken down. Demo made very quick work of round three by securing an easy double kill on mid-bridge. With DreamTeam already up to a 3-0 lead, E6 really need to reconsider their strategy if they were going to stay in this game. Demo came back once again in round four to secure a beautiful 4-0 win for DreamTeam.

Map 2: Clocktower Round one showed some new gameplay from DreamTeam as they had three pistols drained on the sniper hall, quickly downing two players from E6 and taking control of the sniper. Even with E6 gaining boomshot, DreamTeam was able to snag it and make some big plays to shutout E6 in round one. Coming to the close of round two, E6 was left in a 1v2 situation that got even worse when DreamTeam was able to secure all the power weapons on the map. DreamTeam was able to secure their second round with a beautiful boomshot by Sicamore. Round three ended in roughly 20 seconds after Xcells was dominating E6 with fast wall work and a smooth double kill. E6 decided to show some life finally coming into round four, the only question would be if it was something they could maintain. E6 was able to clutch up round five thanks to some beautiful snipe work by Hudsonz! We are going into a round seven after Hudsonz came out huge for E6! With a huge push by E6, this almost looked like it was going to tip in their favor, but with some amazing team pistol play by DreamTeam, they secured their second map win with a 4-3 victory on Clocktower.

Map 3: Mansion Round one showed a whole new E6 it looked like as Hudsonz picked up three kills to secure the first round win. DreamTeam was able to answer in round two however by quickly making work of E6 and a 2v1 situation. Round three was finally time for E6 Affinity to show his skills and snag three kills for his team in their round three win. Round four led to an absolute blood bath down in boomshot and hot tub with Hudsonz grabbing yet another double kill for his team’s win! DreamTeam quickly answered with a push to secure themselves round five. With another huge push from DreamTeam, this match with be going to yet another round seven! After taking four rounds in a row, DreamTeam came back from what we thought would be a big loss for them to take the biggest comeback we’ve seen so far in this matchup!

With E6 putting their best effort in play, they were just unable to secure themselves a spot in the Season 2 Finals. A very well earned matchup from DreamTeam has earned them the last spot in the Finals! Congratulations DreamTeam!


Denial vs Notorious

With Notorious being the first team this season to beat Denial and both teams already being locked into the finals, this is still set to probably be the second best, if not the best, matchup of the night. Denial is out for blood and looking to secure the number two seed going into the finals.

Map 1: Mansion Round one instantly kicked off with Denial showing why they are season one champions. Both Lava and Mental went huge, each securing a double kill to kick off the first map. Round two however was a very different story as it came down to Mental left with a 1v3 ahead of him. Dispensaa was just slightly better off in a quick shotgun battle and that gave the round to Notorious. A huge double grenade but the master himself, Lava, helped Denial secure the third round win. Round four seems to be showing the strong Denial that we all love and miss as Lava as already put up eight kills for his team. Going into round five, Notorious will need a miracle to stop Denial. RedNick Icy was able to secure a quick round win for Notorious as we now look into round six! Round six was a damaginly fast paced round of all Denial. Both Mental and Lava carried their team with nine kills each in this 4-2 win over Notorious.

Map 2: Clocktower Another powerful round one win for Denial as they jump up a round with three surviving members. After a very drawn out round two with more downs then I think we saw all last map, the round finally paid off for DreamTeam. Yet another near flawless round for Notorious as they quickly down three members of Denial and wrap up a round three win. With round four coming down to seventeen seconds, Lava unfortunately was just unable to hold on. A beautiful play by Mental in the sniper hall led Denial’s much needed win in round five. Kenny went huge in round six with a career ending headshot on Xplosive helping Notorious secure their map win and beat Denial 4-2.

Map 3: War Machine On what is said to be Denial’s best map, they were unable to hold off RedNick Icy in his domination of three Denial players, helping his team secure a massive round one win. Round two kicked off instantly with Solurs showing us why he is the best windows player in the game. A couple pistol head shots later, and round two was all over for Notorious as Denial ties up the map 1-1. Round three left Xplosive in a 1v4 situation, which he would be the player to take that challenge on if it wasn’t for the brilliant team play from Notorious. Round four yielded yet another round win for Notorious as they seem to be able to control whatever mixup Denial brings into their rush. With a huge upset for Denial, Lava was unable to clutch a 1v3 to help them stay alive on this map. Notorious takes map number three with a 4-1 victory.

Map 4: Gridlock Very quick work went into round number one as Denial seemed to be caught off guard with the surprise of Mental being contested in snipe tower and Xplosive being taken down quickly in the boomshot pickup. Round two was seemingly all Denial as Lava picked up a beautiful nade push double kill allowing Mental to grab his sniper. It came down to a 1v1 with Mental and Dispensa and Mental was able to just show his skills and clean up the round for Denial. Notorious quickly silenced Denial as they took round three by storm. Round four seemed rather one sided with Notorious having a sniper and two boomshots. With a pinned Denial, there was almost no hope as they lost the round in the last twenty seconds. Round five came out look strong for Denial and ended up turning around quickly for them as just player by player was being killed off. Notorious took the map win with a 4-1 victory.

With this massive win over Denial, Notorious was able to secure it’s place as second seed in the Season 2 Finals. Denial will need some team strategy adjustment if they hope to repeat as champions, but there is absolutely nothin standing in their way of that happening other than themselves. #wolfpack


With some very close games in the final day of the Season 2 Pro League, it will all come down to the Finals to determine whom of the four teams has worked harder and smarter than anyone else. Who has your vote? Leave your comments below!


-Cory S.

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