Gears eSports Day 12 Recap


Heading into the match ups on Thursday night, there is mathematically only one spot left that is up for grabs in the finals. Both DreamTeam and E6 are working hard to earn that spot in the final four, but will they be able to hold off other teams that want it just as bad? Teams that have already secured their place in the finals are:

  1. EnvyUs 9-2
  2. Denial 9-2
  3. Strictly Business 8-3

Before jumping in to my event coverage, you can take a look at the standings before any matches were played to give you an idea of where each team currently ranks.

Before Standings

Strictly Business vs DreamTeam

With DreamTeam fighting to stay alive this season, this was a must win against Strictly Business. With a roster that has had some issues this season as far as showing their brute force, DreamTeam had their work cut out for them.

Map 1: Mansion With what seemed to be a constant battle near hot tub and boomshot, this map went by quickly with almost no sniper use. There were a couple rounds determined by some accidental teams kills, but Strictly Business showed their dominance by taking the map 4-2.

Map 2: Clocktower Clocktower as per usual, was very much a sniper hall push. Both teams meeting up top center to exchange pistol and lancer fire causing each team to gain the advantage back and forth until DreamTeam’s Sicamore was able to cause a round 7 due to a badass double kill. Strictly Business was able to come back in round 7 and clean sweep DreamTeam to a map win of 4-3. I must add I was rather disappointed to see Icy SB demonstrating some very unsportsman like play. This is the Pro League for a reason.

Map 3: Griclock Xcells came out swinging DreamTeam by snagging 3 kills in round 1. Although he was returning the disrespect to Dispensa that was displayed by Icy last game, still, this is the pro league guys. Icy helped Strictly Business snag a round 2 win by displaying the beautiful headshots. Kenny Bounce also earned a mention as not only did he help win round 4 with gorgrous headshots, but he also started off 3 rounds this game with a double kill, helping them secure their win over DreamTeam by taking the map 4-2.

Denial vs Justus

Coming in to the night, Denial is ready to remind everyone why they are the Season 1 Champions. With all sorts of speculation as to why they aren’t playing as well as last season, people need to take into account that they are only 1 loss behind last season’s record. It has nothing to do with Lava being at school and whatever excuses people come up with. They may not scrim as much, but take that into account. They’re 9-2 without all the scrims they ran in Season 1.

Map 1: War Machine This first map seemed to be the map of team kills. Mental removed Solurs head after being revived by him and then Fatal decided Ribs needed be to be chunked. Crushmo was playing a very dominant game assisting with team pushes and revives. Going into round 5, Crushmo had 5 kills and was the only player on Justus with any kills on the board. While Denial of course played an amazing map strategy, Crushmo seems to have been the only player that showed up for Justus. Denial took the map 4-2.

Map 2: Gridlock Justus started off almost confused missing both boom shots and not connecting anything. Although round 2 went to a draw, Mental clutched a beautiful quick scope on Crushmo. Lava went montage status in round 3 snagging 2 headshots and a chunk all within 10 seconds. Justus did move on to snag the map win 4-2 with Ribs putting up 10 kills for his team.

Map 3: Mansion After a very quick Denial win in round 1, Justus came back dominant and DiligentSoldier helped them out with the 4-1 map win earning 8 kills and over 1,200 points.

Map 4: Clocktower Denial was seeming to struggle against Justus in round 1, but they came back strong in round 2 looking like the champions they are with a clean sweep of Justus. Mental put up over 1,300 points to help his team take the map 4-2.

Map 5: Fuel Depot Justus showed round 1 dominance by killing 3 Denial players in a very small proximity. Round 3 left FatalStryke in a 1v3 situation which did not play out well for him. Xplosive dominated the 5th round win with some quick pistol downs, helping Denial come back from a 1-2 map deficit and help them take this map 4-1.

Orbit vs Elevate

Map 1: War Machine Elevate started round 1 with a perfect sweep of Orbit. Orbit then answered with their own sweep in round 2. Orbit Secret went off putting up 7 kills and carrying his team to a 4-2 win.

Map 2: Mansion With what seemed to be an evenly balanced matchup quickly changed when Elevate took round 4 with yet another sweep. Jake put up over 1,000 points for Elevate and helped them tie up the map count at 1-1 by managing his teams 4-1 win.

Map 3: Canals Orbit booted off another quick round 1 win by showing Elevate their wall bounce shots were better. This was by far the quickest match of Canals I’ve ever seen. The first three rounds were over within a minute. There was a huge amount of lower bridge battling going on. The map headed into a round 7 fight for the death and unfortunately for Elevate, missed active reloads cost them the game. Orbit took the map 4-3.

Map 4: Gridlock Strangulate made quick work of a double kill for Elevate to secure round 2. Orbit ended up tying the game at 2-2 after some sniper hall dominance. Prison pushed some heavy boomshot play and picked up a double kill to catch Elevate by surprise and secure 8 kills for Orbit’s 4-2 win.

EnvyUs vs E6

Map 1: Canals EnvyUs came out huge with Praized taking all 4 kills in round 1, showing off some amazing gnasher control. ToySolider was also making huge plays on the center bridge bouncing his way through 3 members and then holding of Hudsonz sniper to draw the round. EnvyUs came right back into the next round with smoking guns to give them the map count lead and take Canals 4-0.

Map 2: War Machine EnvyUs swept the first 2 rounds and made it look as though E6 let their controllers die. Praized went 5-0 helping his team take their second map with yet another 4-0.

Map 3: Clocktower EnvyUs launched off the map by showing us a new strategy where they rush boom instead of sniper. Allowing Hudsonz the early sniper access cost them the round and restored a little hope for E6 as the game went on. E6 seemed to be suffering more from team damage then anything else and it was quickly starting to give EnvyUs the edge. Going into a round 7, EnvyUs showed dominance and simply a better gameplay strategy grabbing them the win at 4-3.

Now that all matches have been played, here is how we stand as far as the rankings:

After Standings

With so many dominant forces being shown this close to the end of the season, it’s sad that we will be ending in a few weeks when so many teams are just now hitting their stride. I’ll be covering the last two weeks and the finals as well. If you have comments, please feel free to leave them. All images and graphics were customized by myself for this post. If you wish to have copies, you can contact me below.


-Cory S.

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