Predictions for the Season 2 Finals


With the Gears of War Pro League Season 2 finals taking place tomorrow, I suppose it’s time for me to lay out my input as to who I think will be walking away as top dog this season. I am beyond thankful that I will be able to attend this final bout in person as a Gears of War VIP thanks to Jack Felling and the crew over at The Coalition.

The Season 2 Finals are going to be on a much larger stage this season than seen in Season 1. While Season 1 gave us a taste of what a Gears Lan event should be in California, Season 2 has migrated to the east coast to take over PAX East in Boston. A much, much larger stage for this finals.

As this is solely based upon my own opinion, I expect people to disagree with me and tell me I’m wrong. Thus why I’m adding now that I want to hear and see your opinions.


Denial eSports: With the vanishing of Solurs, Denial was lucky enough, after a petition to ESL, to be able to lock in their coach Ashes as a legal player. While we’ve seen Denial running strong strategies with Sumuns throughout the last couple weeks of play, we’ve also seen them incorporate Red Icy to take the MES 4v4 Finals. We’ve also seen them run through back to back Gamebattles tournaments with Sumuns as their active fourth. All being said, with Envy loosing to Denial in both GB tournaments just a couple weeks ago, Denial is in a very strong position to take this season home! You can check out their Twitter accounts below:

Denial eSports | Denial Ashes | Denial Lava | Denial Mental | Denial Xplosive

DreamTeam: While DreamTeam’s season seemed all but over, it came down to their last mactchup against Enigma 6 Group to show that they were ready for the big stage. Granted they have played some questionable games this season, you can certainly assume they are going to want to show that even an 8-6 record cannot hold them back from a fight. Certainly keep your eye on Demo as he has lead this team to more than one game winning round. Although I don’t expect them to make it to the finals, I would love for them to prove me wrong. You can follow them all below.

DreamTeam | Chris XcellsDeMo Strafez | Sir SiCaMoRe | Sleepytime

Envy Us: Envy is coming into this final day of matchups sitting atop the current pro standings for season 2. While they are only showing a 12-2 record, that could greatly play into their confidence if we come to a repeat of season’s Denial v. Envy finals. With solid team work by all four players thus far, Toysoldier has shown us pure dominance with a sniper rifle. We also Envy playing around with some new strategies towards the end of the season that may come into effect as we launch into the event. To count out Envy just because of a few losses to Denial on a tournament scale would be stupid. Envy will come into this final day of season 2 with everything they have. Denial will make them work for whatever happens going forward. You can check all their Twitters below for a personalized view at the Finals.

EnvyUs | nV FraNChiS | nV Praized Z | nV Soto | nV ToySxldier

Notorious: Notorious showed up to their last match up looking to take over second place from Denial and they did just that. An amazing 4 maps later Denial was bumped down into 3rd place on the seed going into the finals. While Notorious has been relatively quiet that past few weeks as far as scrims or other tournaments go, one must wonder if that means they have been buckled down with a plan to take out Denial again. Unfortunately only time will tell as there will certainly be another matchup to pay attention too. You also have to wonder what affect it will have with Kenny Bounce planning on signing with Denial eSports next season. Granted, you cannot look away from any player on their roster as they are all powerhouse players that deserve the respect of any pro.

CritcialKyle sB | Dispensaa | Kenny Bounce | RedNick Icy

Now given this all based off of different factors that I am taking into account, there is not a single reason that either one of these four teams cannot win this season’s finals. However, I’m predicting the following outcome:

  1. Denial eSports
  2. Team EnvyUs
  3. DreamTeam
  4. Notorious

While the final outcome may be completely different from my predictions, I welcome that. It will give me more to talk about in my next article which will come shortly after I return from PAX East. I look forward to meeting any of you that will be attending!!


-Cory S.

Twitter: @xboxcory


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