GoWPortal Team Meetup with the Community at GFinity Gears of War Pro Circuit


My first LAN Gears eSports event was awesome, and that’s not me just saying it!

We had a long awaited big meetup between GoWPortal folks, Jay a.k.a ProGear360, and Barnes a.k.a @BeardedGamerYoh, and Call Me CEO, Ben who I owe big thanks to for keeping me motivated in the community, its been 2 years or so since we first starting talking and it has taken that long to finally meet up. Im sure the next meet up wont be so long!

Call Me eSports
Call Me eSports Gang

And of course a key highlight as well was meeting up with MadDogMalcs, the guy behind @Play4Pawz one of the best charity events of the calander year, riasing loads of money for animal shelters in the USA and the UK.

Ess RaWr, Skillzy and SAS Sh4dowz were there too making noise.

And as Jack said about Ess RaWr, “I’ve never seen someone take so many selfies.” He literally had them with everyone, including me.


We had gears community members from the Netherlands with Grexoz making an appearance and Tascha @MemeFatale and friend from Germany!

Amazing those guys could come over from overseas to meet up in London together😀 What a commitment!!

Although personally only going for a morning and afternoon shift I didnt make the most of what it could have been by going for the full weekend. It was absolutely worth the effort even for just a day.


We enjoyed watching the top quality gameplay from THE BEST players and teams in the game, and watching how new teams were causing a few upsets too. The quality from the teams is impressive even after only a few months into the new competitive mode Escalation and Gears 4 itself, it really is an action packed game mode with kills happening all the while and teams domination being more tactical yet more chaotic. A good mix that creates tons of action.

I can’t help however feel that the game would be better to be viewed from an overhead view sometimes for a spectator, as for any new player to the game, it’s really hard to know what’s happening at many locations at once. There are 3 capture zones but only one view of one player out of a possible 8 available at any moment. You soon see kills coming constantly, it doesnt really stop. But unless you know the levels as a player yourself you dont get a good idea as to what is happening from the bigger picture of things.

When watching the overhead view, it feels a bit like seeing the full pitch view of a football/soccer match, rather than watching each individual player in sequence.

I would highly recommend a view that satisfies a more “full picture” of what’s happening. I want to see how players are going for each hill as a unit, where they are defending and supporting from as a whole unit. Until you see the bigger picture a new player to the game will just seem overwhelmed by action, but underneath all that chaos and action is a tactical battle with players slowly making progress toward hill locations. I would love to see a view halo wars style or something similar! Just an idea, as we need as many suggestions as possible to get new players into the game! A multi dimensional mode where you can have an overhead view would work for me and be more enjoyable to throw into the mix more often.

I love how the matches are played to a first to 7 on each level and the domination is certainly obvious for some maps with some teams going 7-0 whereas we had a few classics going all the way at 7-6, incredible moments were happening throughout including an impressive comeback from 6-3 down to win 6-7.

The best part for me was meeting everyone that we have got to know over the years and share some photos together and have a laugh whilst watching some gears of war, what could be better!

I highly recommend anyone who has had their doubts about making a trip to come along and next time for sure I’ll be doing the full weekend and after parties and bringing along some more of you hopefully!


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