What GoWPortal Aim to Bring to the Gears Community

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Gears of War Portal is a resource dedicated to the Gears of War Community, and helping those heavily involved in the community more visible to the public in order to grow our already fantastic content creators within the community.

We feel it is important for us to produce our own media, and to help encourage the public to discover our content in order for them to further discover the best that the Gears of War community has to offer.

Also at the top of our priority list is to help new players to the game, players who are looking for Tips and advice online to become a better player and compete with the better players. By giving away secrets to becoming a better player, it will help grow interest in the Gears of War game, and help others discover the vast and growing community and the best content it has to offer.

You might be able to see, that we have incorporated the GearsClipOfTheDay YouTube Channel into our content. This is an example of what we are trying to achieve. Highlighting the best content from our community, on a regular and changing basis.

We are also going to be in the coming days incorporating other Gears of War resources, such as #GearsGiveaway on twitter, so we can see the resource on the website to help anyone wanting to promote their own giveaway.

The focus on the community is going to be so high, that we want as much help from the community as possible in order to achieve what we are trying to do. If you would like to help contribute, then ideally we are looking for people to write, people who can post to the site, in the many categories that we have available on the site. these categories are

– Books
– Comics
– Memorabilia
– Montages
– Tips

Also, and most obviously people want to come to the site for the latest news, and we have done lots of posts already that reads between the lines of the information that has been made available in the public domain. News is a problem because it changes rapidly, old news is not worth reading a few weeks after, but at the few days when something big is happening it has the potential to blow up and for the website to reach more than just regular Gears Players.

This is a big opportunity to reach new people with an aim to give them a journey that they want to take again, and discover amazing Gears of War content that they have never seen before.

If you enjoy writing and have an interest in anything above, or an interest in following and writing about the news and giving your opinions about it then we would love to hear from you and have you on board.


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