Watch the Gears of War Montage Community Video

Gears of War community montage

A competition run by The Coalition, which resulted in a Gears of War Montage from the Community has finished and the result of the final video can be seen for all to see.

This video is an advert for not only the incredible skill and difficulty in the clips that are seen, but for the beauty and the art-form that is Gears of War. I advise anyone who wants to convince their friends to start playing Gears of War to use this video as an example, as it shows the intensity of Gears of War mixed with the expression that the game enables.

Unlike other shooters, Gears of War is a third person, so being able to see your character on screen means that the scenes of death and killing are much more enjoyable to watch for people not only playing but watching too. (That last sentence makes me sound like a bit of a serial killer)

The Gears of War Community Montage

Please help contribute something back to the hard work that has gone into this, as its not too late to give the video a thumbs up and favourite to get it high on YouTube to help gain more interest in the Gears of War franchise to those who may discover the video.

As we have said too sharing the video with your not so Gears inclined friends may also help to ignite some new players into the franchise.


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