Talented player Ffs Not Lewimel !


During a random match on Boxes in Gears of War I was fortunate enough to meet a great player, and together we were able to win the matches we played on boxes. (Its always good when someone actually has a mic on playing Gears of War in public matches)

He told me what a great sniper he was, as players in Gears of War tend to say, but he went away, come back with some clips in about 2 days, and I was suprsised by the quality of them in that short period. This guy has some serious understanding of how to use the weapon especially on cover where he is making shots consistantly and making it look easy.

This guy is definitely one to watch. Check out this montage we made from the clips he sent in to us!

Got some clips you want to send in? Get in touch on twitter @GoWPortal


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