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Hey there Gears Fam and welcome to my first ever blog and today I’m going to be talking about something I have always been interested and intrigued in, Clan battles.

Many of my fellow Gears fans will already have a wealth of knowledge about clans and the fun and grind involved in the painstaking 1v1’s or 2v2’s. Some may possibly even play in the full 4v4 and 5v5’s that currently take place in the latest of the Gears of War franchise, GoW3 & GoW Judgement. However, if you’re new to the Gears of War scene and interested in starting, recruiting or simply looking for a clan to join, then welcome to Gears of War Portal! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that I can help you. Be sure to check out the rest of the site before leaving as there is plenty of information around for you to browse for all things Gears.

Before I get into the ins and outs of the awesomeness that is Gears and clan battles I thought it would be worth telling you a little about myself and my thoughts in this amazing and sickeningly graphic head popping franchise.

My nickname is Savage so it makes sense that my GT is ‘CaLL Me SaV4gE’, it’s a long story but my friends don’t call me anything else anymore. I have been playing GoW since the beginning when it was first released in 2006 on the Xbox360 and it is the only game that when it all kicks off and the game is flowing and basically the sh@t hits the fan, my hearts pounds! A true Gears fan will admit that the rush of wall bouncing around a map and taking out a group of 2, 3 or 4 players in a desperate battle to win in Execution or KOTH and coming out the other side is very adrenaline pumping and I for one, LOVE IT!! Despite the second, third and fourth releases in the franchise, GoW 1 is still by far my favourite. Personally speaking I really disliked the ‘laggy’ delay when shooting in GoW 2 however this is my only gripe, it was still a great game. GoW 3 is an insanely awesome game, but I have to say that with the new introduction of the sawed off and retro lancer it took some of the joy out of it. Especially when encountering a player who can only retro lance an opponent and the ‘sawed off corner campers’ who appear not to have the skill it takes to come out and take me on with the Gnasher shotgun. I very much believe if you can use the sawed for assaulting and attacking then you have some skills but other than that, anyone can corner camp! I really enjoy the rush of wall bouncing and popping heads with the Longshot or even getting that well placed grenade kill by blind throwing it in between the opposition when trying to capture the ring on KOTH!

Anyway… enough about my love for Gears, time for the clan battles!!

Firstly, the question you need to ask yourself is… are you starting and recruiting for a clan like me or are you wanting to be a ‘free agent’ and fly solo or even join an existing clan?

Let’s go with the first of these questions and say you are feeling pretty good about the skills you’ve picked up through playing the campaign and online and you’ve decided that the next step is building a team with friends you know and play with and or gamers you play with regularly.
The first thing you need to do is decide on your clan’s name but make sure when doing so it is short enough to use with your preferred GT as part of it. Your clan name comes before your name etc. and you can check the availability of GT’s here – http://checkgamertag.com/

 NOTE: Gamertags only have 15 characters available to use inclusive of spaces so be cautious

Now, once you or even your friends have decided on the clans name, you or the proposed Leader should go to the Game Battles website aka GB http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ and sign up. Once you have signed up, go into your profile and add your GT including any another of your social media accounts you would like to link to your GB account. You can do this in the linked accounts section when editing your profile and account settings…

Linking GT and Social

Okay, Now you’ve completed the Basics you can look across the categories across the top of the page and select your system i.e. Xbox and choose from the dropdowns.

Search your platform and game

 If you are reading this then I am sure the game of your choice is on the XBONE being Gears of War Ultimate Edition however all you’ll need to do is find a game you wish to play online clan battles with and select it.

Select your game

You will then see options to find a team, create a team or the option to view the Forums. From here you can create them team name and take full control of your team’s roster which means you can add people to the team and choose your captain plus other options. You will also be deciding if your team is for 2v2’s or teams etc. Other than the teams Leader, the Captain is the only member of the team that can setup matches and report matches.

Leader – Can perform all team management functions
Captain – Can setup/report matches
Member – No management capabilities

For the rest of your chosen team members you will need to ask for them to join GB and link all of their GT’s to their accounts just as you did. Once they have done this you may now add them to the roster by selecting the ‘Edit Roster’ on your team’s page and searching their username, email address or GT. Now that your teams together you may want to take this opportunity to change the status of any of your members to captain.

Congratulations!! You now have a team

When complete, your teams roster will look a little like this

Roster visuals

The same applies if you are creating a team for 1v1’s

The next and final step is for you and other members of your team to sign up for the premium membership. TRUST ME when I say this, if you beat a team in a battle and they dispute it and you are not a premium team, you could lose the dispute, even with proof. It is best practice for all of you to sign up and make sure you have proof of your games results. Some people I know use capture cards which will show the full game should you need to send the footage in to the disputes team. Keep the proof, even if you only have photos!

Now for the second point, going solo and looking for a clan aka ‘Free Agents’

This aspect is pretty much straight forward and doesn’t require any of the creation of team elements. In order to get started all you need to do is create an account as before and link your GT and any other social accounts you wish to add. You should select the game/s you play and add your style, your accomplishments and achievements to your bio to show off to a prospective new team. You may be scouted by other teams however when you’ve searched the teams and found one you wish to join one, simply click on the teams name and hit the ‘I am interested’ link as shown below. This will allow you to send a request to the team Leader’s email address to join. You may not get a reply as swiftly as you like or even at all in some cases. As Leader of ‘CaLL Me’ I make a point to send a message back. It’s just common courtesy!

trial 1

It is well worth noting that when looking to join an existing team clan, there are likely to be trials, this is your ‘interview’ for the team so be sure you’re honest and if you have any areas you wish to work on let them know. Clan trials are subject to the teams Leader and they range vastly however below are a couple of examples that I and others have used.

Video footage of your games, edited and or not (as recorded)
1v1’s or joining a game to play against/with the prospective team to see how you get on
Achievements for the game/s
Interests and availability for games
All of the above

There could well be more involved however as mentioned it is down to the teams Leader but the idea is for them to gauge you and work out how you will fit into the team ranging from your interests, style of play, them viewing you first hand in game and or recorded gameplay.
Clan battles are fun and that’s what matters when gaming however as much as it is meant to be fun, it is also serious as you are playing for positions in tournament ladders and maybe even cash prizes and limited edition custom items so bear this in mind when signing up to a team. Practice matches are for fun, be respectful to your team Leader and other members of the clan!

This is all based on my own opinions and experiences, feel free to share yours and help us help the community.

Well, that’s it from me today but be sure to check back for more updates on clan battles and how we are getting on as a team.
If you are interested in joining a team, I mentioned earlier that we are recruiting so if you like the idea of being part of our UK team and having ‘CaLL Me’ as part of you tag hit me up and we can trial you.

If you are on Twitter, why don’t you give our sponsor GoWPortal, myself and the other members of CaLL Me a follow…

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Current team roster as of 09/08/2015

@CaLL_Me_SaV4gE aka Ben Ludlow – Team Leader https://twitter.com/CaLL_Me_SaV4gE
@CaLL_Me_TeZzA aka Terry Patrick – Captain https://twitter.com/CaLL_Me_TeZzA
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@CaLL_Me_S1KShot aka Shane Sneath – https://twitter.com/CaLL_Me_S1KShoT


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