Double XP on Hill Modes right now until Monday!

double xp event gears of war

Gears of War Ultimate Edition now has Double XP on Hill game modes!
This is going to cause a lot of excitement for many Gears fans, and should engage those who may have been thinking about building their Ultimate Team on Fifa to have a rethink and come back to Gears!

With so many top releases such as Destiny, the Taken King, NHL16 Forza 6 being released, The Coalitions Double XP event will hopefully get many more of us playing Gears again.

Other games coming out soon in September include Skylanders super chargers, and Lego Dimensions and NBA2K16.

The gaming industry now is really competitive and this fall is going to be even more so.
We are predicting more XP events on Gears throughout this season.


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