50+ Prize Christmas Giveaway from Rogue Ms on Gears of War forums!

This is taken directly from the Gears of War forum post Β made byΒ Rogue MsΒ a.k.a Kaybee Gaming

As you can see an exceptional amount of generousity and time has been taken here to run this for the Gears of War community with no profits made. This is also noted by the mods on the forums and others who have been saying how positive this is for everybody and how unselfish and brilliant this is

Parasidian:Β Not entering, but i just wanted to drop in and say that this is a wonderful giveaway. I absolutely love seeing contests and giveaways that are creative like this one, really shows the amount of effort you put into it. Thank you for doing this for the community, just reading through it and seeing all the hard work you put into it made me super happy. πŸ™‚

This is the post in full, which can be seen on the Gears of War forums, which is also how you enter this massive giveaway with multiple prizes.

Ho ho ho! πŸ˜€

Are you all excited for Christmas? Did you already get all of your presents for each and every family member, friend and your significant other? I haven’t really gotten around to buying everything for my loved ones yet, but I did get some really nice stuff for the Gears of War community πŸ˜‰ Back when the first Star Trek reboot came out, I decided to make some merch and share the love with other fans. Since I always wanted to do more of these raffles, I thought that now would be the perfect time to do another one. I pitched this idea to the wonderful Jack Felling, and she gave me permission to do this massive giveaway.

I come bearing 50 gifts, at least 1 (mostly 2 and more, depending on the value) per day. Items will be shipped worldwide.

I’ve been collecting codes and designing Gears merchandise over the past 2 months. You can view the full list of items here.

Rules (please read!)

    1. To enter, you have to be a member for more than 4 weeks on this forum and have more than 5 posts. This is very important to me since I want to avoid having people sign up now and claim some of these prizes, just to immediately disappear afterwards.
    2. To enter, please post something like “entry for December + the exact number” on that particular day if you can. Since we’re all living in different time zones, you will have at least 24+ hours to enter.
    3. If you enter for a physical item, you have got be ready to give me your full name + address (or the address of a family member, friend etc./or your P.O. box) via private message. I won’t post any of the addresses in public and I am only going to keep your details until the items have been shipped.
    4. Winners will be determined via an online random generator and are going to be announced from December 3 through December 28 at around 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT. Since I live in Europe, please allow me some time to send out the codes after I get home from work. Please be patient πŸ™‚
    5. Physical items will be sent out as soon as possible after the winners have been announced.


      Since it keeps happening over and over, a word from the hostess:
      Please do NOT enter in advance. This thread is already at page 5, and we’re not even 5 days into December yet. The thread is going to grow even bigger, and I won’t be able to remember each and every post on earlier pages. It’s just impossible to keep up with posts in advance mixed with everyday posts from devoted members. Also; take a moment and think about how unfair it is to people who actually set reminders to show up on certain days to enter the raffle, and even more unfair to people who show up every day. This is not to spite anyone, but if you really think about this for a minute, you will understand.
      This is a daily raffle with daily prizes, and I believe one simple rule can be respected, right? πŸ™‚
      I am so grateful how much love and support this has received! You all should know that I am really happy how this turned out. All I wanna do is spread the love, celebrate Christmas with all of you and keep this fair <3
      Thank you πŸ™‚

Full Schedule

    • December 1: Gears of War poker cards + 2 day Gold trial -> *click*
    • December 2: Just Cause 2 for XBOX 360/One, 14 day Gold trial, 15 EUR/GBP/USD
    • December 3: Gears of War 1+2 codes for XBOX 360/One, Flashback Map Pack, 2 day Gold trial
    • December 4: Gears of War Locust calendar 2016 + Borderlands 2 for XBOX 360 -> calendar front | [1] | [2] | [3]
    • December 5: Gears of War Marcus vs. Skorge mousepad + 14 day Gold Trial (from an anonymous angel) -> *click*
    • December 6: Gears of War Golden Hunter for Gears UE, Anya + Imulsion Skin for Gears UE, 1 month Gold trial
    • December 7: Gears of War Omen keychain/bottle opener + Mad Max Ripper DLC for XBOX One + Gears of War 1 code (from xNotoRRiouS) -> *click*
    • December 8: Gears of War Locust puzzle + Plants vs. Zombies for XBOX 360/ONE -> *click*
    • December 9: Gears of War 2 sun protection for car window + Fallout 3 (from s2kbuffadonk1) -> *click*
    • December 10: Gears of War 3+J codes for XBOX 360/One, Infected Omen weapon skins, Classic Hammerburst, Young Marcus skin
    • December 11: Gears of War Marcus Fenix money box + 1 month Gold trial -> *click*
    • December 12: Gears of War 1, 2, 3 + Judgment (from oO IEddie Oo), Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DLC for XBOX One, 14 day Gold trial
    • December 13: Gears of War Marcus vs. Drone BBQ/grill apron -> *click*
    • December 14: Gears of War COG calendar 2016 + MAX: Curse of Brotherhood for XBOX One -> calendar front | [1] | [2] | [3]
    • December 15: Gears of War Savage Kantus for Gears UE + 2 day Gold trial
    • December 16: Gears of War 1 fridge magnet, 14 day Gold trial, Gears of War 3 + Judgment code (from xNotoRRiouS) -> *click*
    • December 17: Gears of War spiral-bound notepad + stickers -> [notepad front] | [notepad back] | [stickers]
    • December 18: Gears of War Straightlined weapon skin for Gears UE sponsored by The Coalition + 2 day Gold trial -> *click*
    • December 19: Gears of War buttons, Mortal Kombat X Goro DLC for STEAM, 14 day Gold Trial (from GowAr 2) -> *click*
    • December 20: Gears of War necklace, Just Cause 2 for Xbox 360/One (from TheMainMan21), 2 day Gold trial -> *click*
    • December 21: Gears of War Marcus Fenix snow globe -> *click*
    • December 22: Gears of War mug, MAX: Curse of Brotherhood for XBOX One + 2 day Gold trial (from ProGear360) -> *click*
    • December 23: Gears of War Marcus vs. Drone mousepad + Gears of War 3 code (from R3SP3CT V3NGFUL) -> *click*
    • December 24: Gears of War Lighter, Gears UE pre-order character of YOUR choice sponsored by The Coalition, 3 month Gold trial (from Walk On Fire) -> *click*
    • December 25: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (physical copy) + 12 months Gold


Please spread the word and good luck, everyone! πŸ˜€

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Lots of Gears of War videos, some GTA, some music. Event hostess. Reaper fan.
Please be sure to follow this channel and check out their videos. This person deserves a lot of respect from the community and is doing something very good for all of us and we should celebrate this together!
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