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This year we will be releasing a Community montage each Month! That means that you can be in it!

Each person can submit one clip per month to be used in the montage.. so please make sure you submit just one, and make it your best one!

We will be editing the video and publishing it on the GoWPortal.com youtube channel.  and adding it to our monthly playlist dedicated to this community montage series.

So what are you waiting for! Dig through those clips and find your favorite to include on the next community montage!

It doesnt have to be a triple blindfire headshot, or a 1v10 clutch, so dont be afraid of submitting anything you find interesting, as im sure we will find it interesting too.


What is the point in all this?

Well the point is that we want to advertise the game Gears of War to people beyond our own community, and this is a way of showing off who we are, and the game we play, and what we have produced together. Showing the bond between each other we have, despite probably never meeting in real life.

So if you want to be part of this completely unofficial Gears community montage then submit your clip!

If you want to donate much needed $/£ for the time taken to produce these videos then you can through this link. It doesn’t cost us much in terms of $/£ but it does cost us in our time and dedication to do this, so if you can donate anything even £1 or $1, it all helps 🙂

Watch the Community Montage(s)

Hopefully you enjoy our work, please feel free to contribute your clips to future Gears of War montages! We love seeing all the clips we get and share them on our social media pages too, so please send them in!

GoWPortal Community Montage

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