Gears of War: Dirty Little Secrets Issue #1 – Product Review


oihnoiphoihDirty little Secrets was a six issue mini series that was a soft reboot for the Gears of War comics as well as tie in for Gears of War 3 to help fill in the gaps for people who have not had a chance to read the books or people who read the books to get more of an understanding as well as an in-depth understanding of the one year after the C.O.G collapsed and it put the books into comic forms with a little extra filling in the mystery of stuff that was hinted at in the books but never was expanded until Gears of War 3. The comic series was written by Karen Traviss who wrote all of the current Gears of War novels as well as wrote Gears of War 3.
9781401236953_p0_v2_s260x420Part One takes place seconds before the end of Gears of War 2 with Marucs blowing up the Lambent Brumak and how everyone must evacuate the sinking city of Jacinto. This story is told much like the books and does not follow a singular character but multiple from Marucs, Dom, Anya, Baird, Prescott and Hoffman. You get a chance to see what they are doing up to the evacuation leading them to Port Farralas. You also were able to get into their head and witness the secrets they hold. These comics do take the liberty of stretching out the events though this issue because the characters are fighting ground battles against the Locust as well as Dom, Baird and Marcus leaving the Raven to help some civilians leaving out important things that take place at the start of Jacinto’s Remnant so it gives people a chance to still read the books and get the whole picture. The problem though I see from this book is that to a regular comic reader or someone who knows nothing about Gears of War would not be able to pick up this issue and get an understanding of practically anything it hardly addressed characters, roles and really just goes hand in hand with people who have played Gears of War 2 and want more. Even I had to go back and reread and think about certain events again so if you are not somewhat familiar with Gears of War and Gears of War 2 you might want to plays those games and read this comic afterwards.

The artwork for this book is really amazing even for the time due to DC preparing for the New 52 reboot and there best artist working on re imaging their triple A brands. The Cover artist was Colin Wilson

Dirty_Little_Secrets_1_coverThe cover really jumps out at you for a first issue even it if it a little standard. Marcus the main character is sitting proud and center in the cover. Holding the Gears of War signature weapon the lancer. Underneath his boot is a Locust Drone’s and in the background we see Anya, Prescott and Dom. It gives the sense of grit and horror that you will be facing in this issues with the amber colors as well dark shading on all the characters.

The Artwork in total by Pop Mhan is stunning and really captures Gears of War perfectly. He keeps all of the environments, vehicles and weapons fairly blocky and big but they are really drawn accurately to the source material.

The character models all resemble the video game counterparts and Mr. Mhan does real justice to the Locust character variants and somehow making them even more gross and disgusting almost like a children’s nightmare.

The colors are much the like cover except very heavy on silver, black and of course crimson red. It was very pleasing to the eyes as well as felt dirty and gritty as if I was sucked into a war zone. The character’s and and the action and how they were drawn are simply amazing.

The panels flow together and Mr. Mhan hardly used a whole lot of splash pages and with more panels it felt more like watching a TV show then reading a comic and that is what made it such a page turner because it felt on pace of the action parts of Gears of War as well as the actions and blood effects being top notch.


The Verdict of this comic is buy it & read it!!

It was very well written for people who have played the games and read the books because it makes nods to characters from the books as well as in game.

Even though it might need a small refresher. The coloring and inking is very well done and puts you in the mood and makes you think you are watching a Gears of War cutscene.

The comics are easy to find they were published in a trade paperback at a very affordable price and can easily be found on any digital comic store. If you want more Gears of War reading or world building this is the place the start.


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