5 Characters that Need to be Playable in a New Gears of War Game

Pendulum Wars

Gears of War has an expansive universe and a long history with various eras and battles that have taken place. The books and the comics together have excited fans with a new direction of Gears of War and has helped fill the gap with various character back stories and order of events.

In fact in the books and comics we are spoilt with many new characters that have no or barely any mention in the games. This means that there are lots of characters that are not playable that really should be because of the interest that they create within the written versions of the Gears of War series.


Miran Trescu – a bit like Jace from Gow2, trescu has a small voice cameo in Gears 3. Voiced by Dom and is the UIR leader and looks pretty badass.

Miran Trescu



Helena Stroud – Anya Strouds mother. She would always talk straight to the point. She would only feature in a Pendulum Wars version of Gears of War as she sacrificed herself, going out with quite a bang

You’re doing fine, darling. Really fine. I’m proud of you.“— Helena, telling Anya how proud she is of her before Helena dies blowing up an enemy Asp



Carlos Santiago – Older brother to Dom. Suprising he has no mention in any games. He also died, along with many other COGS during the Pendulum Wars. He was a very close friend of Marcus

carlos santiago


Gill Getner – The King Raven pilot and had a hard and angry attitude. A sharper tongue than Damon Baird. She makes a lot of appearences throughout the comics

gill getner image



Bai Tak – Originally turned down at a young age for being too short, the brave rising star solider had a Machete as his preferred weapon of choice in close quarters combat. Bai died during a mission to extract civilians.

You move others. This thing sinking fast.“— Bai, telling Hoffman and Dom to move the other Gears out of a sinking Marlin and not worry about him

bai tak

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