Play Smart at Gears | Episode 4 | Mentality/Aggression

episode 4 - play smart at gears, trick and tips

About the Series

We are delighted to announce a new video series designed to make you a better Gears of War player with some awesome tricks and tips dedicated to helping your game. Each episode will cover something different, and this content is completely original from our own interpretation of the game, which is showing to be incredibly useful to a lot of you and increasingly popular which is fantastic!

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Episode 4 is now available, so be sure to check it out and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy.

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Episode description:

This episode discusses mentality in Gears of War. We talk about how aggressive you should be going in against your opponents, and the importance of being flexible in how you approach enemies. If you go in and rush enemies all the time you will be quite a one dimensional player and not be able to improve your game. Instead watch this video and see how we can control the game against the enemies by playing a bit more patiently and controlling when to be aggressive.

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