Gears of War Code Giveaway

Gears of War Code Giveaway

Win Gears of War 1!

You can get into Gears and own a digital copy of the game by simply entering this competition!

There are multiple ways to enter, and we want to make sure that you guys are ready to play online and play against some great players. So be sure to follow our channels and our content if you want to learn from us.

Our community is going through some changes at the moment, and we will soon be running more giveaways, but also doing community work involving people who play Gears of War. Raising money for great causes and doing things that help the world. So if you want to be involved in our projects, goto our register page and signup! We are completely fan made, and fan owned. So its a great chance to be part of something great that people just like you have done!

Take me to the registration page!


We also have awesome Merchandise that some of our most loyal members are wearing!

Check it out, and maybe one day when you are as big a fan as some of our fans you will want to buy one of these too! 😀

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  • Jay Gear: Test...
  • Joe Skee: Awesome...
  • x50 Spence: well your going to be very disappointed even if you do win this prize as its not an Xbox one S e3....
  • Austin bowen: I hope I win the Xbox one S E3 and keep this survey just started so hurry up and get a free Xbox one S E3...
  • DOMINATORxMYQx: I Jus Wanted To Take This Time And Say Thank You 2 GowPortal For Showing Off My Stuff Lol Aldo The Articles Ab...

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