The Greatness of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago

Their Relationship is the beating heart of the Gears of War Franchise


The dynamic duo of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in the Gears of War Trilogy is cemented as one of the greatest ever produced in video games.

This video focuses and dive’s deep into what makes their relationship so developed, as well as the brilliantness of the original Gears of War games.

Stories come in all shapes and sizes, they can help us get through hard times, uplift us, change the way we think, etc. And characters we see in most stories can enlighten and show us how to live better lives.

One of my favorite aspects about these two character is how the writers of Epic Games were able to excel its deuteragonist character Dominic Santiago specifically into a megastar. Coming of an original where the character was your average typical side character, the next two sequels showed very well how there is value in being a side character. Dom is Marcus’s companion he is in the side light and he physically and emotionally uplifts Marcus throughout the series. Becoming a dynamic duo that shares an unbreakable bond in Brotherhood. While at the same time showing there is no better love story, especially in a Universe like Gears of War, than between best friends.

Marcus and Dominic are the two most iconic and defined characters in Gears of War and have one of the best dynamics of any characters in Video Games. Their relationship is the beating heart of the Gears of War Franchise.

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