Free Agent Invitational Event for Competitive Teams

Recently become a free agent? Want to join a team? Or even start up a new team with other free agents?

Then signup to the Free Agent Invitational! But hurry up as it is this Saturday!

Interested? See the information below:

Or see the pineed post on

This Saturday, May 13th I will be hosting a GOW4 Free Agent Open Invitational. All are welcome to join. It is 5v5 Escalation best of 3 maps. Anyone can sign up via my pinned post.

Open invitation for free agents to engage in pick-up scrims. The goal is to see people networking and showcasing their skills as an individual and a teammate.

The scrims will be streamed and will have listen-ins. I will be streaming it via and there will be commentary and giveaways.

If anyone wants to help commentate as well, all I need is a dm.

I would like to make this a weekly event if the support is there. I am open to any suggestion or idea for current or future events. Thank you

So if you are looking for opportunities then you know where you need to go!



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