Friday, December 15, 2017
Xbox One Elite Controller
From the images it is clear that the industrial design of the controllers that Microsoft are producing is cutting edge and some of the finest design and production of products I have seen. I believe they really understand gamers, and the design of the Xbox elite appeals not just to...
The maps in Gears of War 4 are on rotation, which has resulted in a few discussions to appear about what the best thing to do to resolve some issues would be. It is not an ideal situation we seem to find ourselves in, where often a small pool of...
First off, I apologize for this recap coming slightly later than my last one. After splitting a wisdom tooth, it's been a relaxin few days of laying around doing nothing while watching Netflix. Regardless, I have a much more detailed recap of each map for you now! Before heading into...
The Gears of War Pro League Season 2 Finals took place this past Saturday at PAX East Boston. It was an absolute mad house if you had been there in person. It was also one of the best experiences you could ever have as a Gears of War fan....
gears of war pc
It has been an opinion shared by many in the gaming industry that a PC keyboard and mouse, is a much more efficient and effective controller than a gaming controller. The precision that is possible on a keyboard and mouse is staggering.. Take a look at this guy playing Halo on...
I'd like to start off by saying that Astro Gaming is no way compensating me for this. There is no incentive, there is no benefit from them as a company. I am writing this based off of my own opinion of their product and sharing my thoughts alone. That all...
Hey there Gears Fam and welcome to my first ever blog and today I’m going to be talking about something I have always been interested and intrigued in, Clan battles. Many of my fellow Gears fans will already have a wealth of knowledge about clans and the fun and grind...
To start off, this is going to be a new feature that I will be adding to our site after each broadcast. As I am located in the East United States, I will attempt to have everything posted mid-Friday the latest. I will be adding more detailed play coverage...

Casual vs Competitive

  Since the beginning of the competitive scene there has been a battle between casual and competitive gaming within the Gears of War community. Both sides feel that they are receiving lack-luster efforts in helping their respective sides grow and would voice their opinions through the Gears of War forums...
Going into this event being the Season 1 Champions, Denial was in place to take home yet another LAN title after their advancement into the finals. While they were not playing with their normal roster, RedNick Icy happily took the place of Solurs on the main stage. I took...

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