Friday, December 15, 2017
With the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta getting off to a shaky start, with Xbox Live outages and duplicate codes problems, players were getting a bit fidgety about not getting all the exclusive weapon skins unlocked in the retail version. To clarify, originally you had to play on...
turtle beach headset
Currently on the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta, the characters sounds, which previously have played a massive part in Gears of War games are not very audible by other players. This means that we are having to rely very heavily on our eyes to see people, and we are...
War Machine appears to be winning the next map poll! You can see on the forums how everyone is replying with "War Machine" in massive majority. We have not counted the actual number of War Machine votes, but its looking like a 70 to 80% majority! The votes from twitter also...
With the recently announced news that The Coalition will be releasing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on August 25th 2015 for XBox One and in the Holiday season 2015 for Windows 10 PC, there is a fair amount of speculation as to prices and places you can get it...
It is currently day 2 in the GoW:UE Beta and The Coalition would like to know what map we, the testers would like to play on Day 3. Three options remain: WAR MACHINE The days of running down the spawn stairs and and flooding the Longshot sandbags are back and with a more...
First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Louis, I am a 30 year old married gamer. I live with my wife in South Shropshire along with my two cats, Carmine & Anya plus my Dachshund, Betsy. I have been playing Gears of War since it first came out. So to get...
gnasher only map Boxes
Here is a list of all the maps that will be used for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, (the Full Game) which is the first and original Gears of War with all of the original DLC maps combined into one edition and made for Xbox One with improved gameplay...
Today at the E3 press conference Rod Fergusson came out and announced the Gears of War Ultimate Edition which is basically a Gears of War one remastered. But the best thing about the announcement yet is that he said the magic words, the beta for Gears of War Ultimate Edition...
Gears of war Russian
  Gears of War Remastered leaked. On June 14th 2015 the best “leak” out of all leaks have been leaked. The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk Studios) released their whole new website and forums today, however it did not go as planned. One of the website features is that you can...
Gears of war Russian
Gears of War Xbox one edition has been leaked from the official Gears of War website only 48 hours before the planned e3 announcements. The leak came from a page in Russian that listed the Xbox One version of the game with its own page. This means many things, including Seriously all...

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