Friday, December 15, 2017
gears ultimate edition gold weapon skin
Good news! The Gold skins are now available for Gears if you managed to play the game during the launch week! This means that the Gold guns are actually not all that rare at all! A weapon skin from the Beta such as the Racer skin, or the Mars...
gears of war ue gnasher
There are some strange things happening regarding the Gnasher sometimes when you are in the heat of battle. Players are refusing to get killed despite being down with mutliple shots being fired into them. "Bullet Sponging" where the player absorbs the bullets but seems to take very little or no damage...
This post features a video that demostrates how to play the map "Old Bones" The map features a lot of open areas on the outside, which means that you can see enemies coming from a long way away. You can also see when enemies pick up weapons, so in the video...
Gears of War UE title
It's really fantastic to read some awesome reviews from people that are enjoying Gears of War that have never played the game before. This review of Gears of War in particular describes the games appeal to the section of Gamers that have never decided for whatever reason to play Gears...
I have been messing around with the upload studio and it has been great because it enables me to create some videos pretty quickly for Gears, and bring some tutorial videos to you guys if I pick up some good gameplay clips, so expect a few more videos from GoWPortal YouTube in the coming weeks.
Thrashball Drone
These Beta Unlock able characters are the hardest ones to obtain now! If you missed out then there is little chance of getting them, unless you win in competitions and giveaways! << Go back to see all character unlockablesĀ in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition   Thrashball Drone: If you played in the...
<< Go back to see all character unlockablesĀ in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Hey there Gears Fam its me again and welcome to Gears of War Portal and HAPPY EDAY to you! So its finally here and holy cr@p I cannot believe I have the awesome privilege to be able to...
benjamin carmine
This post is a simple list of level progression characters that are unlock-able in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition For a more comprehensive look at the unlock able characters in Gears of War Ultimate Edition see this page here... Or do you want to see all the unlockables in the game? Level...
Its with some great relief for some of us that Wallbouncing is not nearly as effective as some could manage in Gears of War 3. No long will we be just a spectator to someone appearing in 10 places at once to take us down as we casually encounter an...
achievements for Gears of War UE
<< go back to all un-lockables in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Prison Breakout 10G Complete tutorial path on any difficulty Welcome to Delta Squad 20G Story progression in Act 1 Chapter 1 (on any difficulty) Cole? As in Cole Train? 20G Story progression in Act 1 Chapter 6 (on any difficulty) Yeah, yeah, Group Hug...

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