Friday, December 15, 2017
gears of war ue pc
For those of you who are not aware of this, there is a Windows 10 and Xbox Gaming Press Event taking part in San Francisco at February 25. It will contain a huge variety of important information and news about many games which will or coming to Windows 10 and Xbox....
If you were lucky enough to purchase the Gears of War eSports Season 1 "Sweaty" skin, then hopefully you also follow @eSportsGears and @JackFellingTC on Twitter as they announced yesterday that our Xbox Avatars will be receiving an exclusive award! "The Gears of War community has a history of incredible...
Good news for you all; The Season 2 weapon skin is now available to purchase in the Xbox Live Marketplace for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. That's not all. This time there's not one but two bundles you can choose to buy. They include a pre-order character each: Golden...
gears of war pc
It has been an opinion shared by many in the gaming industry that a PC keyboard and mouse, is a much more efficient and effective controller than a gaming controller. The precision that is possible on a keyboard and mouse is staggering.. Take a look at this guy playing Halo on...
the cap7ain
Hello! Nice to meet you. I have been admiring your Gears of War sniper clips recently and aim to get as good as yourself one day with the sniper as i currently suck compared to some people out there I see. To help me on my way, and to help others too...
1v4 clutch courtyard

1v4 Clutch on Courtyard

Another clutch! this time on courtyard! some decent kills and a lot of luck along the way.. one day i will get one with 0 luck involved! haha
double xp event gears of war
Gears of War Ultimate Edition now has Double XP on Hill game modes! This is going to cause a lot of excitement for many Gears fans, and should engage those who may have been thinking about building their Ultimate Team on Fifa to have a rethink and come back to...
gears of war ue gnasher
The Gnasher is a weapon that is very effective at short range. However you will often not hit every shot at close range. This dillema means that players have evolved skills that help to make the opponent miss whilst playing at short range. In order to make the opponent miss at...
As part of our ongoing tips series we are going over TDM on War Machine. We ultimately want to cover every single map with every single game mode! A very ambitious task I know, but one that will mean a comprehensive coverage of Gears of War Tips for Ultimate...
Mansion is one of those levels that has so many different routes to the hill and to key areas of the map that most of the time any hanging around in one specific area is going to get you killed. Staying on the move, and protecting the key...

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