Friday, December 15, 2017
gnasher tips and tricks
The Gnasher is a highly used weapon in Gears of War. In order to take in these Gnasher tips you need to understand the different ways players use the weapon. There are many people who are extremely effective with the weapon who seem to effortlessly take down all their opponents...
veteran gear achievement tips
This guide will explain the multiple ways of getting the Veteran Gear guide on Gears of War 2. This achievement is listed in our hardest 4 achievements in the Gears of War series. It really is a tough achievement, purely because it takes a very long time to be able...
the cap7ain
Hello! Nice to meet you. I have been admiring your Gears of War sniper clips recently and aim to get as good as yourself one day with the sniper as i currently suck compared to some people out there I see. To help me on my way, and to help others too...
I have been messing around with the upload studio and it has been great because it enables me to create some videos pretty quickly for Gears, and bring some tutorial videos to you guys if I pick up some good gameplay clips, so expect a few more videos from GoWPortal YouTube in the coming weeks.
foundation gears of war 4
This video was released during the Beta, but is still extremely relevant to the game now it has been released. It was one of our tutorials we made that has not really had the attention it deserves and there are some important lessons in there that will help you...
kick ass at gears
We have started a new video series aimed at turning you guys into better Gears of War players. The idea is to get more players into Gears, and help you through the tricky difficulty curve in this game
The Importance of the Support Player Playing as a support player is probably one of the most important ways to play Gears of War. You simply cannot have a good team without the glue that sticks everything together. The support player uses variety and moves with an aggressive team mate in...
Mansion is one of those levels that has so many different routes to the hill and to key areas of the map that most of the time any hanging around in one specific area is going to get you killed. Staying on the move, and protecting the key...
As part of our ongoing tips series we are going over TDM on War Machine. We ultimately want to cover every single map with every single game mode! A very ambitious task I know, but one that will mean a comprehensive coverage of Gears of War Tips for Ultimate...
king of the hill tips
This video tutorial was first published to our YouTube channel back in 2011! Its has had really positive feedback, even though the video views is not through the ceiling. It has helped those who chose to watch it, and hopefully it will help you guys improve your game too. If it...

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