Friday, December 15, 2017
Gears of War 4 Emblems
The emblems in Gears of War 4 is a new concept that shows your chosen emblem (essentially a graphic) that goes on your name and is associated to your gamertag and identity online in Gears of War 4. The emblems dont hold much actual use but they are useful to...
foundation gears of war 4
This video was released during the Beta, but is still extremely relevant to the game now it has been released. It was one of our tutorials we made that has not really had the attention it deserves and there are some important lessons in there that will help you...
In this post, we'll be discussing about Game Informer's article of the new weapons and enemies that will be in Gears of War 4. It's really interesting to know the weapons for construction purposes and have been re-fitted for good and gory Gears action.     First off, we have the Dropshot. It's kind of...
Tell us about your plans! Use the below as a guide to giving a good answer.Are you going to playing Gears of War UE until release date? After playing Gears 4 beta, we feel that we have been spoilt a lot with some smooth gameplay and movement from the characters, and a...
Hi folks, if you've been having trouble rolling back your drivers or been having crashes for the past few months on Gears of War 4 then download THIS NVIDIA driver. Just follow the on screen instructions when you execute the file. Please note, we do advise you click "custom...
gears of war 4 knife melee attack
This post is to simply show off some really awesome Gears of War 4 images that have been floating around social media. There are so many that its just a bit easier to put them in one location, then refer to them at a later date if needed. What ones are...
gears of war 4 ranking system
You might have already seen our post about the Gears of War Ranking System. If not check it out as it does a decent job of explaining the ranking system to help you understand and help you rank up and not to really get to worried about it in...
In each game from the Gears of War Trilogy, we saw a new brother. Anthony Carmine, from Gears of War 1 Benjamin Carmine, from Gears of War 2 Clayton Carmine, from Gears of War 3 Clayton, unlike his brothers before him was a survivor of the series, which was down to a vote...
Hey everyone,   I thought I would like to take the time and provide some feedback in regards to the Gears of War 4 Beta. After playing it from Saturday (I obtained a Family and Friends early access code) and putting in enormous amounts of time into it, I've come up...
weapon skin
TLDR: This started as a little moan about Weapon skins, then turned into a bit of a rant about the direction of past Gears games and now with an over exaggerated focus on customization. I believe that less is more, and having too many weapons, too many weapon skins, too...

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