Friday, December 15, 2017
avenge fatal montage
We are going to cover some of the top Gears of War montage edits in the community to highlight them to people and show off Gears in its highest quality. By doing this we can create more interest in the game and ultimately grow the community! If you want to...
Gears of War community montage
A competition run by The Coalition, which resulted in a Gears of War Montage from the Community has finished and the result of the final video can be seen for all to see.This video is an advert for not only the incredible skill and difficulty in the clips that are seen,...
If you were lucky enough to purchase the Gears of War eSports Season 1 "Sweaty" skin, then hopefully you also follow @eSportsGears and @JackFellingTC on Twitter as they announced yesterday that our Xbox Avatars will be receiving an exclusive award! "The Gears of War community has a history of incredible...
best gears players
This is a awesome feature we added today, and we hope you like it! It allows anyone to join the site, and fill in what they believe their own ability to be for various different attributes that make up a Gears of War player. So now all those abstract ideas about...
This post is the written version of the highlights of the video above. You also would like to see Tao Devils post, discussing a really awesome idea for customisation in Gears of War 4, and hopefully you will love the idea and get behind the idea to help it become...
During a random match on Boxes in Gears of War I was fortunate enough to meet a great player, and together we were able to win the matches we played on boxes. (Its always good when someone actually has a mic on playing Gears of War in public matches) He...
double xp event gears of war
Gears of War Ultimate Edition now has Double XP on Hill game modes! This is going to cause a lot of excitement for many Gears fans, and should engage those who may have been thinking about building their Ultimate Team on Fifa to have a rethink and come back to...
join the gears of war community
A top quality montage here from some top quality players. The edit on this video is incredible and really well polished. These guys deserve a shoutout for their dedication to the game and taking the sniper skills to the limit. Be sure to follow these guys on your YouTube accounts...
I AM AD0PTED's Lancer:YJeter's Lancer:Screenshots Taken By ProGear360
This is taken directly from the Gears of War forum post  made by Rogue Ms a.k.a Kaybee Gaming I'm hosting Gearsmas raffles on the official Gears of War forums with 50 prizes! :) RT's highly appreciated! — Rogue Ms (Miss Derp) (@MemeFatale) December 1, 2015 As you can see an exceptional amount of...

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