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Interview with Immortal Spawn

Special thanks to CMe_Rome for this awesome interview!

I am here with an interview with former MLG Pro and WCG National Finalist for Gears of War, but now, he is the eSports Gears Analyst. I have seen all his scrims with JusTus Raw Talent, and all of his archive streams and YouTube videos, his Gears of War 2 placements are outstanding with him being in the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit, 7th place in Orlando Nationals, 10th place in Anaheim, 5th place in Dallas, 3rd place in Columbus, and 9th place in Meadowlands.

Q: Immortal, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I know who YOU are, but can you give us a quick introduction to those who do not?

My name is Rob “Immortal Spawn” Ambrose. My notable teams are High Council and Raw Talent. I’ve been an advocate of competitive Gears since the beginning and began competing immediately upon its release, winning the first ever Gamebattles Doubles and Team ladders in the Fall of 2006 (showing my age)! One of my favorite memories was scrimming Gears 1 in front of a full classroom on a large projector, screaming callouts at the top of my lungs, and seeing the look on everyone’s face afterwards. I wrote a 20 page paper on competitive Gears in college. Before the days of Twitter and Twitch, I would post a write ups of local lans and ladder matches on the GB Forums, breaking down the matches and scores, and sharing photos from the event with obligatory “holding the money” pics. Over the last decade, I’ve contributed to the community as a competitor, content creator, analyst, developer, and fan.

Q: In 2009, you have accomplished what most gamers want to accomplish, and that is being in the MLG Pro Circuit. Can you tell the readers how your experience was on the pro circuit and your road to the pro circuit?

Nothing compares to competing at a live MLG event. Hundreds of passionate gamers throwing down to be recognized as the best. The energy surrounding the Gears stations was unrivaled. Crowds gathered around potential upsets. Stories of 1v4 clutches carried from the side stations. Roars of “Let’s Go!” echoed through the venue. Of course we marveled at Halo’s main stage arena that seemed to get cooler every single event, but Gears always brought the hype.

When Gears of War 2 was announced to be on the MLG 2009 circuit, I set a goal for myself to obtain Pro status. Although I was heavily involved in Gears 1 leading up to the first MLG 07 circuit, I was unable to travel and compete due to college and starting my career as a Software Engineer. With graduation in the past, I was able to dedicate time to “the grind”. The key for me was finding players that were as dedicated as me and were willing to listen. It was important that my team competed in every possible local LAN and online tournament available. This gave us the most real tournament practice leading up to the first MLG Meadowlands 09 event. Raw Talent had to play through open bracket due to a roster change after the online seeding tournament. We went 6-0 through open to make it into the champ bracket and continued our run to a 9th place finish. Because we came from open, we were slotted into the lower bracket and our tournament ended after one lose! However, our performance was enough to set us up nice for the next event in Columbus.

I mentioned how dedicated I was during the pre MLG days, attending every local LAN that popped up. During the 07 and 08 seasons, I would follow news from home of my former teammates becoming Pros. I was proud of them, but I wanted it. I needed it.

Columbus 09 was my time. 3rd place at MLG, with over 100 teams in attendance. Heading to Dallas, the third stop on the circuit, I was definitely feeling like an “MLG Pro”. Our official jerseys were waiting for us. We had photo sessions, player meetings, etc. We even got our team logo included in the official MLG Gear of War team picture pack on Xbox Live! Rockstar life.

immortal spawn
MLG Dallas 2009

2009 was definitely my most successful year in Gears. This simply came down to the fact that my teammates and I were at a good point in our lives to dedicate time to the grind.

Q: With Gears of War 4 around the corner, and that big announcement from Jack Felling, gears of war Pro Circuit for Gears of War 4 & $1,000,000.00 prize pool, we are hearing a lot of teams talk about “grinding”. What is your definition of grinding?

Funny you mention that! Grinding is best defined as rigorous training. Grinding is dedication, determination, and sacrifice. It means scrimming one more cycle after your cut off time. It’s calling each other during lunch breaks to talk about last night’s scrim or what new trick strat to try next. It’s yelling at each other, figuring it out, and learning to compromise. The grind is both frustrating and satisfying. It means you will go to an event knowing you prepared every way possible. Successful players will attest to the grind. It’s a critical part of it. One less game you play is one more advantage given to your opponent. As important as it is to grind as a player, grinding as a team is how you win championships. Spending time together outside the game is just as important as inside. Building chemistry, trust, and having fun together is imperative to win as a team.

Q: Speaking of Gears of War 4, 5v5 rosters. What are your Pros and Cons on 5v5s?

I am stoked for 5v5! You guys know I’m gonna nerd out on the whiteboard with Professor Immortal Escalation videos. Seriously, though.. 5v5 will broaden the meta and deepen the strategy. We will see new opening strats and team compositions. As a result of the player increase, callouts must be more precise and direct since there is an additional voice on the team and even more information to communicate. I also anticipate a bump in team shuffles during the start of the season. Prepare for many “Looking for a 5th” tweets.

Q: I see you’re doing a lot for the new players. If you ask me, if science was Gears of War, then you would be Albert Einstein. Do you have any advice to teams starting out in the competitive scene or even the top tier players?

My advice to both new and existing players is you need to ask yourself what you are looking to get out of the game on a competitive level and proceed to find players with the same goals. Ideally, your teammates are at a similar place as you in life so your out of game responsibilities and schedules don’t clash. Quality practice is seriously so important. Everyone should be focused 100%… mics on and going in like you would in a tournament. Learn to lose together. Improve on your mistakes. Treat the game as a job (a really fun one) and your team with respect. I recommend watching My Top 10 Tips for Competing on LAN video where I go into more details on many of these topics.

Q: Thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Do you have any last words?

I want to thank all of the players, tournament organizers, and content creators who kept the Gears of War eSports scene alive over the years. We are incredibly lucky to have a team as passionate as The Coalition behind us. The best is yet to come for Gears of War eSports.

Social Media
Twitter: @ImmortalSpawn

Spoton101 & II GPMG II Gears of War Ultimate Edition Duo Montage

join the gears of war community

A top quality montage here from some top quality players. The edit on this video is incredible and really well polished. These guys deserve a shoutout for their dedication to the game and taking the sniper skills to the limit.

Be sure to follow these guys on your YouTube accounts to see more awesome gameplay from them both. They will be uploading more videos for you soon. If you are interested in being an editor we are currently on the lookout for anyone who wants to help our Gears of War channel by producing more and more great content for others.

You Tube – spoton1o1

You Tube – IIGPMGII 762

GoWPortal September Updates


Its been a busy month for me, unfortunately this website and GoWPortal has taken a bit of a backseat. However, I have managed to get the structure of the whole of the Gears of War 4 wiki in place, but its just lacking the written content and the time to create some of the pages. It will hopefully be complete before the time the game is released, but if anyone wants to help adding to the pages with useful content about each enemy etc then that would be awesome! Just message me on twitter @x50_Spence

The Community montage is the last one that will have tons of clips from Gears of War UE, as by the end of October we will have clips for Gears of War 4! So its a bit of a sad moment really as we say goodbye to Gears UE and move onto the next great game in the series, and this game is probably the most long awaited sequel since Gears of War 2 & 3, it really is going to set this franchise up to be bigger than ever and us as fans have an important duty to create content that gets others involved in the community and help make this game bigger as a fanbase. So keep producing videos and share them with your non Gears friends, keep tweeting about the game on your twitter, take part in conversations outside of the Gears community sometimes too! It all helps grow Gears of War as a fanbase!

Dont forget to submit your clips this month to the community montage!

We also have plans for December as we will have made a full years worth of community montages, one every month for the year of 2016! and we dont have any plans to stop either, just stay tuned for the announcement in the build up to December’s montage!

Other work that has been done this month includes an update to the community profiles, that makes them look a little bit better. We are always trying to improve this section of the site and it is very tricky to develop, and I hope some of you are enjoying browsing through the profiles. Anything that you feel would make them better would be great to hear, and dont forget to update your profile every once in a while.

We are always looking for people to write posts on the site, and if you have an opinion or two then feel free to get in touch and talk to us about becoming a writer. We are always looking for more help!

Also, although we had planned to do giveaways of our gears each month, this might not be the case anymore. It all comes out of my personal funds so its hard to keep giving things away, but if any of you are kind enough to donate some money towards our site that would be really helpful and the money would be used for promotions and giveaways, and we can promote your page or social media profile too.

Look out for some interesting posts coming this month, and stay tuned for more from us over the launch period.

August Community Montage Now Available


Today we have released the community montage video for August, edited by DeusGow you can follow this guy on twitter too

The montage features a song by Crown the Empire – Machines a great band and there is even a line that says “If all we are is just machines then we must be the cogs inside the wheels of change.” which could be a line related to us Gears of War fans! lol. Let it mean what you want it to mean I guess!

What do you think of this montage? Leave your comment on the YouTube vid, and if you want to be in the next one then simply goto this link and submit your clip!

GoWPortal Community Montage | August

Latest Gears 4 Reveals + Dev Blog

So, the latest little titbits about gears 4 come in the form of a multiplayer map reveal, another look at some of the new weapons being used in multiplayer, and yet more glimpses at the campaign.


IGN have given us our first look at “Reclaimed”. A bright (dare I say innocent looking?) map, it certainly one of the prettiest maps seen so far, appearing to be old man Marcus Fenix’s farm. It shares many resemblances to gears of war 3’s mercy in both appearance and lay out. Most notably the elevated horseshoe area at the back of the map that overlooks much of the map, containing 2 alternating heavy weapons (trishot/buzzkill). For this area is a ‘key control point’.

On the opposite end of the map, like mercy, lies a building that provides shelter from these weapons, where the EMBAR can be found. Effectively being a reworked breachshot with something of a ‘cool down’ between each shot, the EMBAR is presumably intended to balance the map and counter the buzzkill/trishot. Additionally, the trishot execution was shown off; it was quite the stomach churner, if you know what I mean…



The dev blog

The Coalition released a dev blog, talks mostly about the new score for the latest to the franchise while showing us a few interesting clips of the campaign. Most significantly, a clip from what appears to be from the pendulum war era. A young Victor Hoffman is seen, walking with Dom Santiago. This will be good news to many, as a pendulum wars game has been highly requested on the gears of war forums. It has also been something of a hot topic, as many people agree that a game with out locust (or just, crusty, disfigured humanoid monsters) just isn’t gears. But now we have a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds!




Win “The Division” on Xbox One – Giveaway


The Division on Xbox One Giveaway

Why the hell are you guys giving away The Division when you guys like Gears of War?
What a great question! Well we love Gears of War, but believe not enough people do, we want to reach new people and believe by dangling this game in front of random gamers across the interweb we can pursuade them to take a journey into the Gears of War community and discover some of the great stuff we do.

What are you promoting as part of this giveaway?
We are promoting our twitter and youtube channel (standard lol) but we are also promoting our introduction to Gears of War video, which helps new people to Gears of War understand what we are about and why we do what we do. We are also promoting content related to how long it takes to get good at Gears of War. Which is a popular article we wrote a little earlier in the year. This article helps people understand what its like to be a Gears of War player and why we play the game and love it so much.

So what do you exactly want from this? Try and keep it short mate, alright?!
We are hoping from this giveaway that we can shine a light on our small but growing community and hopefully get a few more people into Gears of War along the way, if you want to discover Gears of War and its awesome community then please help promote this giveaway.

Get involved in the community and discover some great stuff. If you follow us then you will likely get awesome video content on your twitter of some unbelievable kills and content from the game. You will see jaw dropping moments, and we all know how spectacular the gameplay of Gears of War is, even to the neutral people who may have never even seen it before. Yes even your mum might be impressed with some of your kills you will get in this game.

Fall in love with Gears, join our community and the wider #GearsFam

GoWPortal Updates August

gowportal bg

With 52 Days to go Gears of War 4 is almost here and its going to start to feel real very soon with videos of people playing it start to get leaked, achievements getting released and likely early access given to a lucky few and those who pre ordered the game.

There is even an event in the UK coming up called Insomnia that a few of us are going to (not me unfortunately) and we will be lucky enough to be the first to play the game! And we are absolutely going to try and get as many pics of the event and as many screenshots of the game in action as possible so stay tuned for that!

We are also in talks at the moment to bring together a service to allow gamers who want to expand their YouTube or social channels to the next level and provide the tools to allow people to buy a new logo from a talented graphic designer or artist. Small fees for the time taken to create great artwork is important as you may get a LOT of use out of your identity online, and if a designer gets what you are about and takes their time and talent to produce something you love about your brand you are trying to establish then I would certainly struggle to find a reason to not have to pay for that service!

What do you think about a service that allows people to pay for graphics that we run? We are really after quality graphic designers in the community to offer their services to ensure we can offer quality at a reasonable price, and with a bigger goal of enhancing the appeal of Gears of War on YouTube and other platforms we will ensure that 90% of the money goes to the artist, and the final 10% goes to us to enhance the website!

You guys should also know that any money we make for the website goes straight back into it to enhance it more.

I put my own money into this site and it has developed over the years and continues to provide information for people all over the world. (we get loads of people from about 62 different countries looking at our stuff on here!! amazing!)

The site runs at a loss at the moment, and it probably always will do if you take into account time taken to update it and write etc and everyone involved with the website help because they get something out of it thats not financially beneficial but something that gives more meaning to the things they do, whether its a clan or a channel, or just further engagement in the community with people we love to chat to and meet at the events. We are part of something that helps unite a small group of individuals online and we hope to grow further and grow those around us too.

We also want to encourage more growth in writers on our website, and this post is the beginning of that. I personally am going to aim for one post a week, that just updates people about what we are doing and whats going on.

We will also send out an email 2 weekly, so not to annoy the crap out of you too much. We all know that there is more than Gears of War in our lives (for some of us at least!) Do you feel like you could be a writer for the site? Then just apply here and dont be afraid to tell us what you would like to do and any ideas you have.

The people that have written for us in the past have gone onto bigger and better things, and even though we are just a fan run website and have no affiliation with anyone or anything official, you have to start somewhere and if you can write posts on this website that people look forward to reading then you probably have all the neccessary qualities to become a gaming journalist or using the experience further in the future.

Latest vids on GoWPortal YouTube:

Part of our expansion of the Player Attributes sections of our member profiles is to explain what we mean by attributes and also discuss usage of these when it comes to being a Gears player
(yeh a little complicated way of talking about something complicated but yeh, Thats what Gears makes me do)

July Community Montage: Dont miss this!! I hear the editoris a bit of a noob.

And dont forget to submit clips for August!

Community Contributions

DeusGow Montage:

Worth checking out, this guy can edit and play Gears of War, the ultimate mix of entertainment for us Gears players! (and he is doing the August Montage too for you all!)


|| GPMG|| Canal Tage:

Another great montage by GPMG, check it out if you get 5. this guy produces some unbelievable sniper shots and his consistency with the weapon is incredible.

The ULTIMATE Gears of War 4 Preorder Guide

preorder guide

Standard Preorder of Gears of War 4

  • Vintage Del
  • Vintage Reyna
  • Foam Lancer
  • Outsider Lancer
  • Black Walnut Gnasher
  • Warbird Gnasher
  • Marcus Tattoo Gnasher
  • 15x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)
  • Tomorrow Anya
  • Old Man Marcus
  • Zombie Dom
  • Gold Wave Lancer
  • Gold Wave Gnasher
  • All 4x 360 Gears of War Games (limited time)

usa flag Preorder this from

united kingdom Preorder this from

Purchase a Gears of War Xbox One S Console

  • Custom Skinned 2TB Xbox One S
  • Crimson Omen Xbox One S Controller
  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition DIGITAL download
  • Vintage Console Pack
  • Vintage Oscar Character Skin
  • Vintage Retro Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Vintage Boomshot Weapon Skin
  • Stated to include “more” than the named items above
  • 6 Gear Packs

Purchase a Gears of War 4 Xbox One Elite Controller

  • Elite Controller Multiplayer Lobby Emblem
  • 3 Gear Packs

JD Fenix Xbox One Controller

  • JD Fenix Controller Multiplayer Lobby Emblem
  • 3 Gear Packs

usa flag
Preorder this from

united kingdomPreorder this from

Collector’s Edition

  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition Game
  • Exclusive 11 Inch JD Statue (Amazon carries and exclusive Outsider variant of the statue)
  • Frag grenade Key Chain
  • Exclusive Lithograph
  • Premium Packaging

Ultimate Edition

  • Season Pass
  • Permanent Access to the 24 DLC Maps for Private Play
  • Access to Developer Playlist for early access to Maps and Modes
  • Vintage VIP Pack
    • Vintage JD Character Skin
    • Vintage Gnasher Weapon Skin
    • Vintage Dropshot Weapon Skin
    • Vintage JD Multiplayer Lobby Emblem
    • Vintage JD Character Bounty
  • 6 Gear Packs
  • Steelbook Game Case
  • 4 Day Early Access to the Game

Digital Download

  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition Character Pack (This ISN’T a pack for Gears of War 4, it is a pack for Gears of War Ultimate Edition the remake of Gears of War 1)
    • Savage Drone Character
    • Savage Theron Guard Character
    • Golden Miner Character
    • Savage Grenadier Elite Character
    • Adam Fenix Character
    • Golden Hunter Character
    • Savage Kantus Character
  • Vintage Del Pack
  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • 2x Vintage Weapons
  • Vintage Del Character Bounty
  • Vintage Del Multiplayer Lobby Emblem
  • Xbox Play Anywhere
    • Allows you to play on the PC for no additional cost
    • Progress and Achievements Shared between Xbox and PC version
    • Season Pass content shared between Xbox and PC version
    • Note there is no pre-order for Windows 10, you have to purchase a digital download edition if you wish to pre-order the game

Gears of War 4 Beta Level 20 Rewards

  • Vintage Kait Reward Pack
  • Vintage Kait Character Skin
  • Vintage Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Vintage Snub Pistol Weapon Skin
  • Vintage Kait Character Bounty
  • Vintage Kait Multiplayer Lobby Emblem

Gears of War 4 LootCrate

  • 7″ Replica Lancer
  • Hoodie
  • Glassware
  • Additional unnamed items
  • 2″ Golden Lancer Pin (Must have been ordered before July 15th and is now unavailable for new orders.)
  • Ability to add Digital Download Version of the Standard Edition Gears of War 4 at an additional $55 cost *saves 5 dollars on the game* (You get all the perks from the Xbox Store meaning you do get the Vintage Del Pack, it is not mentioned if you get the the Gears of War Ulitmate Edition Character Pack that you get from pre-ordering the digital version of the game.)

Hyper X Cloud X Revolver Gears of War Skinned Headset

  • Gear Pack (Currently undisclosed, but claims to be unique)

Seagate 2TB Gears of War Skinned Harddrive

  • 2x Gear Packs

Collector’s Edition Guide

  • Premium Hardcover Book
  • Ops Crate DLC
  • Exclusive Tracks from the soundtrack
  • Cog Tag Necklace
  • Artwork and Background content
  • Mobile friendly e-guide

usaUnited States

Preorders for Gears of War 4 from the USA


  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Foam Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Hot Rod Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 6x Bounty Cards
  • Crimson Omen Sticker
  • Vintage Reyna Character Skin
  • Gears of War themed shirt for your Avatar
  • 2 undisclosed Cards with codes to unlock items in-game


  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Warbird Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)


  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Marcus Tattoo Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)


  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Outsider Lancer Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currrently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)

Xbox Store

  • Vintage Del Pack
  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • 2x Vintage Weapons (currently undisclosed as to which two weapons)
  • Vintage Del Character Bounty
  • Vintage Del Multiplayer Lobby Emblem

Microsoft Store

  • $10 Xbox Gift Card

Best Buy

  • $10 Best Buy Reward Card
  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Black Walnut Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random.)
  • Gears of War Mug and Crimson Omen Coaster (Gamer’s club offer, can be bought separately)

UnitedKingdomUnited Kingdom

Xbox Store

  • Vintage Del Pack
  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • 2x Vintage Weapons (currently undisclosed as to which two weapons)
  • Vintage Del Character Bounty
  • Vintage Del Multiplayer Lobby Emblem

Microsoft Store

  • £10 Microsoft Store Voucher


  • Vintage Del
  • Vintage Reyna
  • Foam Lancer
  • Outsider Lancer
  • Black Walnut Gnasher
  • Warbird Gnasher
  • Marcus Tattoo Gnasher
  • 15x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)


EB Games

  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Foam Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Hot Rod Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 6x Bounty Cards (it is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random.)

Best Buy Canada

  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Black Walnut Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random.)
  • Gears of War 4 Funko Pop! Figure (*still available to buy separately at this point in time, but must be added to your order to receive with pre-order)
  • Gears of War 4 T-shirt (*must be added to your order to receive)


  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • Warbird Gnasher Weapon Skin
  • 3x Bounty Cards (It is currently unclear if these bounty cards are fixed bounties or random)

Microsoft Store

  • $10 Dollar Store Credit

Xbox Store

  • Vintage Del Pack
  • Vintage Del Character Skin
  • 2x Vintage Weapons (currently undisclosed as to which two weapons)
  • Vintage Del Character Bounty
  • Vintage Del Multiplayer Lobby Emblem

Gears Cribs – DOMINATOR xMYQx


In the first post of this series, we talk with DOMINATOR xMYQx about his setup he has, which is ever growing as we build up to the Gears of War 4 release date. Some really exciting gear he has, and a collection that a number of you guys will very much be jealous of. I think we would all love to have a collection like this!

Well since I was 3 picked up my first controller on Nintendo playin super mario I was hooked lol.

Growin up always loved video games in late 2006 I got my first xbox 360 and started trying out different types of games.

Racers were my first then shooters. In early 2007 I was introduced to Gears of War. It was hard to get into due to i was late comin into the game and everyone on there already knew how to play it. Was challenging to play but I kept up with it. Always been a dream of mine to be known.

Show the world what I can do and in hopes they would have a good time watchin and checkin it out. Never had the kinda cash to get everythin but i made due with what i had. Now a days being a 30yr old fulltime single father I cant dedicate everything into gaming but I still have that passion and drive to show the world what I can do and my kids support that.

I Have about 50+ Games Digitally Downloaded With Alot Of Dlc Content For The Majority of the games I own Specially Gears Of War 1-Ultimate Edition All Call Of Duty Dlc about 700 Songs for Rockband 4 I’ve been an Xbox Live member for over 9yrs now

Currently right now I have

Like i said its been a dream of mine to be known and for my Team to be known and compete. 1day xMake You Quitx (xMYQx) will be known! 😀

What would you like to achieve with MYQ in the future, where do you see them in a years time?
Id like to see my team on the big stage. Im not gettin any younger lol. Would love to see my team and myself compete in tournaments Gamebattles/MLG

What kind of stuff are you going to be doing more of within gears of war? e.g. Streaming, YT, Montages, Blogs, or anything else
I have 20+ people involved with MYQ most have it in there gamertags some represent wit games that have clan tags. Im hoping to get a teamtage going soon lots of streaming hoping for some more viewers per stream and over all followers blogs not so much right now untill we get teams situated for certain games (Gears team, Cod Team) etc. Jus focusin on the core of the team see who wants to do what compete/casual gamer and go from there

For more on this interview see the article at this link.

In the Community: DvL Gaming & eSports

DvL Gaming and eSports

In the Gears community we are blessed with a lot of people who want to make it onto the scene that put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. A lot of people who regularly watch YouTube are often drawn to just a handful of channels. And new players to the game might come across those same channels.

Part of this series of articles on our GoWPortal, is to introduce us to more members of the community, and help new channels become more established which also helps Gears of War by making it more visible on YouTube.

We hope that you guys can get behind this series and get more of these orgs noticed for the hard work they do for your entertainment!

First up

DVile eSports (DvL)

We catchup with Skillzy from DVile Gaming & eSports, and find out the story behind their formation, and the kind of content you might see from these guys in the near future.

DVile Gaming & eSports also known as DvL was created by Youtubers Skillzy and Monsty in June 2016.

The aim behind DVile was to create a new platform for Gears of War gamers that would cover all fields of the game.

With eSports growing at a very fast paced it was the perfect opportunity to build DVile around eSports, creating competitive teams that will compete in future Gears of War eSports events both in the US and in the EU with two separate core teams under the same brand.

DVile also has a massive focus towards creating the finest Gears of War content with creative Edits, Informative Guides, Fun to watch commentaries & of course our specialty montaging.

The #DVileFam grows stronger everyday due to the goals that DVile has for the team.

DVIle looks to be placed in the Top 8 in the US and the Top 4 in EU for competitive Gears. We are also looking to be the go to place for Gears of War content not just on Youtube but also on Twitch creative fun interactive streams for viewers including scrims, fan lobbys giveaways etc.

DVile has only been around for a few months but the growth has been great so far and we have has a lot of amazing support and also have a loyal fan base already.

The DVile Gears Promo will release later this month and should hopefully spread the name DVIle around the community.

We may look at branching into other games in the future but for now we are focused on our current goals and will do everything to achieve them!

Look out for us!

DvL Competitive Montage

Video Info:
Here’s DvL Bane’s new Comptage! It consists of highlights from GB matches, Comp Exe, and Scrims.

enjoy what DvL Obtain and Bane did for this! some incredible clips in here.



About DvL

Video Info:

The recruitment challenge video explainer gives a good overview of what it takes to be part of DvL. They are composed of some top top players, and the videos on their channel are of the highest quality.

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